Ghostbusters’ Leslie Jones addresses her hackers in the BEST way possible

Posted by Ria, 25 Oct 16

If you cast your minds back to the summer, you may remember that Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones was one of Hollywood’s latest hacking victims. She received tons of hateful abuse which we really don’t want to repeat, and also had her private photos leaked online.

But instead of getting down about it, she has responded in the coolest way possible, and quite frankly, we love her even more for it.

She made an appearance on Saturday Night Live, and addressed the issue head-on…

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“At a certain point you stop being embarrassed and start being you,” she began. “And I have been me for 49 years.

"All they did was release some nude pics of me - which is nothing, because, I don't know if you all know this about me, but I ain't shy.

"Do you think some words on the internet can hurt me? I once had a crazy bitch try to beat me with a shovel at a bus stop because I took her spot on the bench.

"The only person who can hack me is me. And my firewall is a crazy bitch with a shovel."

We don’t think we would be able to keep our cool if a shovel-wielding-bitch came at us at a bus stop, but then we don’t think many people can match Leslie’s calm and carefree demeanour.

We really commend the way Leslie has dealt with the hacking scandal, and hope that other famous faces on the receiving end of hackers or online abuse can take a leaf out of her book.

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