Why Every Black Woman Should Marry A Jewish Man

Posted by Ria, 29 Dec 13

She is a full time pharmacist who has recently published a memoir titled, "Why Every Black Woman Should Marry A Jewish Man". The book is really getting quite a lot of attention on interracial dating sites like MadamNoire.com, Bossip.com , BeyondBlackWhite.com to mention just but a few. This is Dr. Nazaree Hines-Starr. And guess where she met her Jewish beau: On AfroRomance.com.

After dating only Black men from her religious background throughout college, graduate school and all of her 20s, all Hines-Star could show for it was men she chose to place in what she calls the “Scumbag Files.” Her ‘disappointing’ past relationships didn’t stop her from looking for love. So turned her search for love to internet and joined the interracial dating site; AfroRomance.com. where she met Michael, a professional, never-married, White, Jewish man.

In her book she gives several reasons why every black woman should consider marrying a Jewish man and like most people, she quotes statistics saying:

"According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 1.8 million more black women than black men in 2000, and that number has not improved since then. That means that if every black man in America married a black woman today, many women hoping to marry a black man would not make it down the aisle."

What is causing a stir though is the fact she believes all black men need to placed in her “Scumbag Files”, insinuating that they are unromantic, lack commitment, aren’t educated, look for a woman to take care of them among other things; all the while, glorifying ALL Jewish men being the PERFECT OPPOSITE and feels it’s about time black women took a “dip in the snow.”

Much as most blogs think she is just bi***ing, our very own "Swirling" contributor Christelyn Karazin feels that "that black women with Jewish man are not such an unlikely match" AND she is glad to see "a lot of dating and advice books from black women who are interracially married."

Her take:

"I think that what it boils down to is that women (myself included) who have found good mates with certain types of men that remain elusive to many black women see how lonely our friends and family are and want to lend insight. We want you to be happy. We want you to be fulfilled. We don’t want you waiting and waiting and waiting for that black unicorn with silver sparkles that ‘da lawd’ will deliver to your door via Federal Express"

What's your take?

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  1.   dave_74 says:
    Posted: 01 Apr

    I am glad she found her man and happiness. I wish them both the best. Also I agree that people should open up their dating circles to include all types. But an actual book titled "Why every black woman should marry a Jewish man? I find that a bit amusing just because she is happy with a Jewish man and I am sure many others may find their happiness with Jewish men. The statement every BW should..... wow. I'm a white man happily married to a beautiful wonderful African woman, yet my advice to my fellow white men isn't every white man should marry an African woman. My advice is everyone should be open minded enough to consider dating outside their skin tone, culture, religion etc. THEN, find the one you love who loves you and marry that one.

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  2. Posted: 10 Jan

    its really a matter of simple micro economics. when a commodity is in short supply then that commodity raises its price. and the price in this case may be men who percieve that it's ok to treat a woman poorly because there will be another one right around the corner willing to accept their poor treatment.

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  3.   nurseforu59 says:
    Posted: 06 Jan

    I have been looking at Jewish men rather closely. The ones I know are my friends husband and they treat their wives beautifully and they have been married for ever. I would love to meet ome.

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  4.   mylynn says:
    Posted: 05 Jan

    You can't just go out and get a Jewish man or any man for that matter and marry him. You like who you like, but do they like you or feel you're a fit for them. Be with who makes you happy, no matter what race they are.

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    • Bados1213 says:
      Posted: 06 Apr

      It's a shame when you see articles books etc, advising Black women to," go get another" or "date another" race based on frivolous statistic that people can't really TRUST! This society makes Black women look desperate and thirsty ass hell to find love!! No other women gets this treatment..There are more women to men ratio in the U.S.A, and white woman are complaining about the same thing,but not in desperation like Black women are.I thought women in general want men to initiate "courtship" when dating, which I feel is the lady-like thing to do, not the other way around!

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  5.   DKCHOCO says:
    Posted: 04 Jan

    smh. is all i can say. all black men arent the same as all white men arent the same as all jewish men arent the same.

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  6.   Olivia_xo says:
    Posted: 01 Jan

    Maybe all the men were scumbags because she has that mentality herself...just a thought.

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  7.   SunKiss3 says:
    Posted: 30 Dec 13

    I'm really happy for her. I've never dated a Jewish man before. I am really interested in getting to know one. I a American of African Descendant and if you are Jewish, looking for a long term relationship then you may chat with me dmines2015 ya/hoo dot. just leave afro Jewish man in subject.

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  8. Posted: 29 Dec 13

    I have not heard of the book but if she is stating that "black men," in general are unromantic, don't commit, uneducated and so on...Well..that is just absurd. I just can't stand when someone groups all people in the same category. That's just as bad as when I hear men say that they will not date a black woman because we are too loud, dominant, and care only for money. Of course there are many that way but there are many who are not. I am very feminine, and soft and my circle of friends and family include many women who are the same way. So as far as the article goes and marrying a Jewish man,...great! But don't down other men because you have had negative experiences.

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    • LadyMocha806 says:
      Posted: 02 Jan

      I agree. She came from a black father. My father, brother, son and uncles are black, lol. Never would I negatively stereotype black men as unromantic, uneducated, looking for someone to take care of them...there's just a certain class of men in general, all ethnicities, who do that. I'm glad she found her sweetheart, but she shouldn't put down black men. I've also heard black men say that black women are too loud, bossy, etc. Ugh. :-) I date men I have things in common with, and I don't care what color his eyes are. I don't have to put down one to date the other, I just know what I like and do what makes me happy.

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    • Thick_Lover says:
      Posted: 21 Jan

      You may not like it, but you cannot argue with numbers. According to an article in the Washington Post, which took its information from the Census, single black mothers in the us were the most likely of all single mothers in the us to have children by more than one father, and were the most per-capita represented racial group . This can point to a lack of taking responsibility by black men. Not all black men, bla bla bla (do we constantly have to point this out), but they are the most likely to do so. I am sure there are Jewish men and other types of men who plant the flag then move on completely, but they are less likely to do so.

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