97% of men have no clue about dating online?

Posted by Ria, 03 Jul

As common as online dating has become, and as much as you know quite a number of people who have had success with it, it so happens that 97% of men get so frustrated over their attempts to meet a woman and just give up because they have had it with online dating. This is according to statistics from a report by an online dating expert, Dave Miz. (Seems a bit high to me given the number of men who have had success on this site.)

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Well, apparently, Dave was shocked at how quickly men give up their quest for online love. He claims to have had success with helping thousands of men get over this frustration by teaching them simple steps which assist them to score even the hottest women on dating sites, go on dates and make meaningful connections that develop into meaningful relationships."I was lucky enough to discover a scientifically validated approach to attracting women online -- and it works every time," he says.

He managed to discover ways any man can employ to meet hundreds of women … literally. He even has a warning about his product: "This product is only intended for men looking to hook up with a lot of women". He adds: "You might only want to meet a few women or hundreds, but these techniques will get you easily get past the wall that keeps 97% of men out."

I don't even care how he gets men hundreds of women with his "Automatic 'Cut and Paste' Message System". All am wondering is how he believes 97% of men get frustrated dating online. Do lots of guys get very little success in the online dating world?

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  1.   Scandiblond says:
    Posted: 04 Jul 12

    I think that guys tend to get carried away. Plenty of females out there and hard to find the right one. Sadly i would say is that many do not take online dating seriously, a passing time for most. A game for many and as i have noticed, most of the guys wants cybersex.

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    • amiramor says:
      Posted: 05 Jul 12

      If they want cybersex there are plenty of sites offering that - why join a site like this and pretend they want a relationship?

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