Are women well placed to teach other women about sexual intimacy?

Posted by Ria, 11 Sep 10

sex adviceMost women get engrossed by intimate talks about men. You should have heard a friend of mine talk about her experience at some bachelorette party she attended, where some woman was paid to deliver a sex talk to this group of ladies. She went on and on about how people had some crazy questions for this ‘sexpert’ and how they got sound advice and answers from her.

Countless women, both young and even much much older ones seem to feel clueless when it comes to sex... hence they tend to seek advice from books on sex written by other women (I am guilty as charged), or pay a hell lot of money to some female ‘sex therapist’ to be given ‘pearls of wisdom’ that’s supposedly supposed to make their sex lives and that of their partners’ more fulfilling.

If a lady is to get any sound advice about sex, shouldn’t it be from a man? I mean, only a man can really tell you what a man wants in the sack right?

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Given that men always want to see themselves as some sex bombs, to a man sexual prowess is inherent – not something to be taught or read about. I am trying to imagine a man paying money to another man for lessons on how to please his woman … :roll: Yikes!

I am not trashing the efforts and lengths we women go to make our sex lives better and keep our men from straying. I applaud them. But don’t you think this job of giving women sex advice is best suited for a man?

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  1.   serenity33 says:
    Posted: 13 Sep 10

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  2.   Jan says:
    Posted: 12 Sep 10

    It hard to find a good man especially one that will tell the truth. They may want a freak in bed and still stray,bc he says she is too much of a freak. WHATEVER. I believe women tend to be more forthcoming and truthful about their experiences.

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