Bachelorette's Suitor Dropline That Left People Stunned AF

Posted by Ria, 16 Mar

By now most Bachelorette fans have heard that the Bachelor franchise broke history by having the first black woman staring on the show. But even before the show premieres, the chosen bachelorette Rachael Lindsayl is already feeling the pressure. And all this pressure revolves around interracial dating taboo.

When Lindsay appeared on the "After the Final Rose" show, things got a bit awkward. Surprisingly, she was introduced four of her would-be suitors even before the premier of this season of Bachelorette (May, 22).

And then things got weird... SUPER WEIRD!!

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In a bid to impress, one of the suitors, Dean, dropped the line: "I’m ready to go black and I’m never going to go back."

Much as Lindsay took this lightly, Twitter didn't take this 'black' joke lying down. The statement made people cringe. Some called it racial fetishism.

rachel's season is going to have the most cringe worthy comments yet i can feel it #TheBachelorFinale

— sab (@sabwow) March 14, 2017

Rachel does not need to date white guys who think it will be fun or exotic to date a black girl! Cast wisely ABC!! #TheBachelorFinale

— Oyinda Odewale (@OyindaOdewale) March 14, 2017

Yesha Callahan of The Root's The Grapevine was super irked by this statement saying:

"Seriously, the moment was cringeworthy to me, but to Rachel not so much, as she laughed it off and thought it was cute. But I’m going to chalk that up to her not having any experience when it comes to interracial dating, as she’s previously stated."

Lindsay may have taken it as a 'bad joke' but most black women didn't take it lightly. Christine Mwaturura pointed out once pointed out the fact that "race is a sexual factor for so many individuals" - the 'I have a thing for...' mentality.

Clearly race is going to be at the center of this season's discussions on social media. Already, Lindsay is facing pressure from the public to pick a black man. However she has promised not to succumb to it saying: "I’m not choosing a man for America, I’m choosing a man for me."

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