'Bad boys': Why women love them

Posted by Ria, 24 Sep

In a perfect relationship world - at least as far as kind and caring men and women are concerned - the good guy would always finish first and women would be attracted only to men who treat them well. But, as both men and women know quite well, 'bad boys' seem to hold an allure and attraction for many women.

Why women fall for 'bad boys'

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As it turns out, there's a psychological reason why some women seem to find men with certain dark and brooding personality traits to be attractive. Something called "sexual selection" might be one reason, which involves women picking up on certain qualities like confidence that relate to a guy's ability to be a good reproductive partner, Psychology Today notes. Sexual conflict can help explain their attraction to bad boys; in many cases, these guys can also be charming as well as manipulative, which from an evolutionary standpoint might have served them well in terms of getting the girl.

Glo offers yet another explanation as for why certain 'bad' guys appeal to so many women: while guys tend to fall in love with a woman for who she is right now, some women fall for the man she thinks he can become. They may feel that with enough love and time, she can change his bad boy tendencies and turn him into a 'good boy'

How to stop attracting the wrong guys

In general, notes How to Win a Man's Heart, women get involved with guys who are not great for them over and over because they may have some issues with self-esteem. In addition, some women choose the bad boy because they just haven't been able to learn along the way that this kind of guy makes for a lousy boyfriend. Once a woman realizes and accepts she is consistently attracting - and attracted to - men with less-than-stellar personalities, she can start working on correcting this issue. This takes a lot more than saying "I'm no longer going to date guys who always put themselves ahead of me" but instead means learning to set limits, taking better care of herself, accepting that being alone on a Saturday night is better than being with a guy who turns out to be a creep, and most importantly, realizing she is definitely worth it.

A note to guys: finding your inner alpha male

As much as nice guys might not want to admit it, there are some underlying 'bad guy' traits that are not inherently negative. As Modern Male Lifestyle notes, by adopting some of the alpha male characteristics found in many 'bad boys' it's, possible to make themselves more attractive to women while still remaining kind and respectful.

For example, many bad boys exude a natural confidence that can be effective to emulate. One of the best and easiest ways to look more self-assured is to adopt a better posture, with the head up, and shoulders back. Rather than looking at the ground when talking, guys should look right into a woman's eyes and speak with confidence, expressing their opinions and speaking their minds. In addition, 'bad boys' and alpha males tend to show their personalities in the way that they dress; for example, instead of relying on the perfectly-presentable-yet-boring business casual outfits, guys should consider going out of their wardrobe comfort zone a bit. For example, the Tour Master Transition motorcycle jacket exudes manliness and looks fantastic, and is sure to turn the heads of women.

Do like them 'bad'? What are your reasons?

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