New Black woman, white man romantic fiction "Boss's Baby 2"

Posted by Ria, 12 Nov 14

Romance novels... When some people pick a copy to read, they can never find the strength to put the book down until the last page is flipped. Well, if that description fits you, have you ever considered interracial romance novels?

Christina Grenier is one such author with a list of steamy and creative interracial romantic fiction to her name. And her focus: Black Woman-White Man kind of romance. Grenier has built a solid fan base and a reputation as an exhilarating voice in many interracial romantic film territories for the black woman getting her 'swirl' on. And her latest release: "The Boss’s Baby 2".

The book is a sequel to her very popular "The Boss's Baby" and her fans are so happy about this much awaited new release. The new book continues where the first left off. The interracial couple, Adrianna and John, are now happily married and are raising their daughter, Jordan together. But seeing as she is now a full time mom and John is so much away at work, she starts getting suspicious. And like most romantic fiction stories, life doesn’t remain perfect for long. Should she get up and leave this man or is there more to it than what she thinks?

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“Writing is my passion and it's really great to be in the midst of a series that has people engaged and excited,” commented Grenier. “If you like the first Boss's Baby, be prepared to love Part 2! It's exciting, adventurous and has some plot twists that I guarantee will have readers on the edge of their seats. They may never look at going to work the same way again.”

Besides the Boss's Baby series, Grenier has written novels such as 'Hot Dates & High Stakes', 'Bad Behavior', 'Fearless', 'Winter's Run' (among others), all featuring Black women, White men romance.

For a copy of Boss's Baby 2 and other interracial romance novels by Grenier, visit and prepare to be blown away. Hope you enjoy.

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