Do men really want a career woman for a wife?

Posted by Ria, 28 Sep

men and career women Anyone watch the movie 'The Devil Wears Prada'? Apparently, of all the characters Meryl Streep has ever played, men loved Miranda Priestly - the power-hungry-ball-crushing b**chy magazine boss character (Pictured Right) in that movie . Really? Is this bad a** character in a chick appealing to men?

This is entirely contrary to some chick ‘Bible’ I have been reading that says men are attracted to women who are girl-like and humble and totally dependent. In fact given my perfect not-so-good experience with men, I was in the process of refining my bad a** attitude to conform to what this book claims men desire … then I come across THIS???!!!

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Taking the example of some of my relatives, they actually do marry this humble kind of girl. But when they go out to have fun, you will always find them in the company of the confident, challenging women. Such are the things that make men confusing. Its like most men marry the kind of woman society approves of, all the while secretly getting blood rush from some ballsy babes!

I know in today’s society, men have learned to deal with women who run the show. In fact most men don’t find such women as threatening. At the same time, I know of thousands of marriages that have ended in divorce because the woman was too ambitious and too independent.

Someone spell it out for me… Is this (driven, confident, challenging) the side of a woman that men find intriguing and sexy? Is this the side they want to see in their wives or do they secretly just want the humble, dependent, unquestioning woman?

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  1.   jaydub2468 says:
    Posted: 08 Jul 11

    I personally prefer a strong woman. I am comfortable in my own skin, and with what I have achieved up to this point in life. To me, a successful career woman is not intimidating. She is interesting. If my significant other were to earn more than me, I would be proud to associate with such a successful lady. If she was more prominent, well respected, or well thought of in the community than I am, I would think it was pretty cool that she was spending quality time with me. If my significant other chooses to take on a less prominent role in life, I would be happy if it made her happy. If she decided to be a stay at home mom, I would respect her sacrifice and appreciate her commitment to family. To me, I think it is pretty sad that some men are so insecure that they fear the qualities that make a person special. When I get home from work and ask how her day was, I want to be blown away with her response. Why would anyone want to spend time with a person who isn’t passionate about life? Finding a woman who is a great friend is the most important thing to me. Why would anyone want to spend the rest of their life with someone they don't think is wonderful and special?

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  2.   Oppsattract says:
    Posted: 09 Jan 11

    Here is another attempt to pidgeon-hole men into one "type". Why is it that women tell men that each woman is different, then y'all turnaround and try to put us into a "one-size fits all" perspective. Each man has an individual idea of what kind of woman he wants. A degreed professional Black man most likely prefers a degreed professional woman who can handle herself on the street and in the boardroom. A career-oriented woman with goals and interests, and assertively pursues those goals. NOW! Does that mean he wants someone that competes with him in the bedroom or living room? HELL NO! Some professional women "need" a man who is smarter than them, rather than as smart as them; a man making more money than her, rather than look at the earnings as joint income for the family. These women are unconsciously sabotaging their relationships because they want a father to take care of them if they fall, rather than a partner to be there for them. Some non-professional men will be intimidated by a degreed professional who makes significantly more than he. A good woman will know how not to allow her success to intimidate or emasculate her man. Other women would be better off just leaving the man, and finding a equal. Successful professional women I've met that are happily married to a man who is also happily married, care about peace and harmony in the home, not bringing the battles of the boardroom home. Men know how to turn it off, but many women just don't know how to flick the off-switch on being aggressive after leaving the office. Men, by nature and socialization, are competitive; but bringing that crap home just makes the relationship another job. No man wants to come home to WORK!

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  3.   bigeyes31 says:
    Posted: 22 Oct 10

    Men dont know WHAT they want so I TELL them,lol

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  4.   serenity33 says:
    Posted: 03 Oct 10

    It depends on the male. If a male is successful himself, he doesn't want his wife to overshadow him in her career. But if the male is a modern male who's knowledge base is in an area that isn't as lucrative as his wife's and the wife as a more lucrative career, then the male would be happy to have a wife that is independent and doing better in their career than he is. I am one of them since I don't make that much money as a marriage counselor and also charge less because I do it more to help than to make money. So if a woman who had a thriving career was interested in me, I would not be threatened but more than happy to let her have her success and independence as long as she doesn't cheat on me. My parents are that way with my father making less money busing for a nonprofit organization that buses elderly and handicapped while my mother makes more money than him as a psychiatric nurse. They get along just fine and have been together for 54 years and it has given more time for my father to bond with us three boys of his and spend a lot of good time being a positive role model to us of how to be a secure male and treat women with honor and respect and not as sex objects and pieces of meat. So it worked out quite well in my parents case and it has worked for my older brother who's wife is a cardiac nurse and makes more money than him as a kindergarten teacher and my younger brother who is a counselor for drug and alcohol who's wife makes more money than him as a nurse. So those are three situations of marriages that are happy despite the wife making more.

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