Do other Facebookers need to know "Its Complicated"?

Posted by Ria, 08 Mar

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Life is complicated as it is. So does it mean your Facebook relationship status should also be?

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The problem with this generation is we feel the need to over-share on social networking sites. I guess that is why most of us feel the need to let the world know that when it comes to having real and mature relationships, we have failed miserably. And if “Its Complicated” doesn’t spell failure, then it clearly screams DRAMA! DRAMA! DRAMA! That you’d rather be in a complicated drama filled relationship than be single.

Having said that, is this something you need on your Facebook profile? How does saying “Its Complicated” benefit you? If you are looking to meet another man or woman, trust me that will only attract people who want you… but don’t want any strings attached. When your relationship is complicated, it means you are an easy target. It can only attract the drama-filled kind.

Whatever happened to just checking “In a relationship” or “Single”? Who on Facebook cares whether your relationship is complicated? Probably those who know about that relationship of yours. And trust me, all they will do is JUDGE!

If you look at it, those two little words say so much about a person. Those two words can only breed a stream of endless assumptions on why “Its Complicated”. Just by typing them, I already have a flow of assumptions for you: Emotional wreck! Drama queen! Dates drama filled people! Low self-esteemed person who would rather be in a bad relationship than be single! Attention seeker! (Somebody please stop me!)

Whether its attention you want or whatever it is you are hoping to achieve by having those two words on your status, one thing that’s for sure is: It aint sexy. And if you have “Its Complicated” on your status to mean “attached but still looking”, how do you expect the world to know that you are looking for sure? Why would someone want to start a relationship with a person who is already in a complicated one?

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