Do women care more about race than the income of a spouse?

Posted by Ria, 26 Oct

race vs incomeMost surveys claim that women discriminate based on race more than men do when it comes to choosing their mates. They have been found to have a stronger same-race preference than men. In online dating for instance, most women who state they don’t care about the race of potential mates, tend to contact men from their own race just as much as those that were upfront about their same-race preference.

The income of a spouse is also important to most women. So clearly, race and income are both important for women. So how much should a man be worth for a woman to ignore the race factor when choosing a mate?

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After using data from an online dating site using first email contact between site users as an indication of preference, some research used two men who have identical observable characteristics. One is of the same race as the woman; earns $60000 a year and the other is of a different race; earns $X a year. The experiment was done to determine what X had to be to make the woman prefer dating a man from a different race.

Below are the results of the experiment:

“An African-American man would have to earn $154,000 more than a white man in order for a white woman to prefer him. A Hispanic man would need to earn $77,000 more than a white man, and Asian man would need, remarkably, an additional $247,000 in additional annual income.”

The conclusion; based on the above results is that women value race over income in a spouse and if they valued income more, then just a small amount of additional income would have enticed the woman to date interracially.

The researchers said, to gauge how much men value racial preference, a different measure – say physical beauty – would have to be used in the place of income (since men don’t care about income).

Looking at the results above, the experiment was done on white women. Do the results of this experiment apply to women of other races? Can we confidently make the generalization that women discriminate more on racial grounds than income?

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  1.   libqueen_82 says:
    Posted: 11 Nov 10

    I don't like these things bcuz they gather a handful of ppl, get their thoughts on certain issues then try to spin like it's a majority. Everyone is different so at the end of the day it's all about the individual and their standards...

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  2.   thickness27 says:
    Posted: 28 Oct 10

    I do not believe a woman should be called a gold digger because she wants a financially stable man. You should date people and have standards. The problem is when you date for ONLY money. I think most womn will pick what they know and are familiar with, race, then money.

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  3.   Cynamyn82 says:
    Posted: 27 Oct 10

    I have seen this exact survey a couple of years ago, so this must be old. This is not the case of ALL women. Yes, I have a strong preference towards men outside my race, but I would also pay attention to whether or not he can help me to financially provide for our family. This means, I don't want to be the only one working, nor do I want that to be the case for him.

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    • serenity33 says:
      Posted: 27 Oct 10

      I personally think race doesn't even play into in the end. It is just a plus and minus system of looks and money factored by age with ties being broken by personality. But in the end, it is the guy with the most pluses in his favor and the highest overall score that wins the female. And since each female is different, the plus and minus system will be weighed differently with some going more towards looks, some money, and some youth. Personality is only used in tie-breaking and the least important factor. Men do the same thing but are less likely to factor in money unless they are into the gold digging system themselves. I have seen a number of handsome younger guys go for older women with money and is becoming more popular as equality in earnings is slowly getting better for women and guys are being treated more as pieces of meat the way women only used to be treated. That's progress for you.;-)

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  4.   serenity33 says:
    Posted: 26 Oct 10

    Depends on the individual woman. Some are gold diggers and care mostly about money than race while others are just looks conscious and have their own money and would go for the best looking guy they could find. Most women are in between and will build a plus and minus system. They added up the pluses based on income and good looks and weigh it against the minuses like worse looks or worse money. Then they usually go down the list of guys who have the highest pluses first and give them first preference. And they work their way down depending on how interested the guy is. Plus they always revised the list based on new guys that come into the scene. Women are very crafty and should never be underestimated. Only stupid overly conscious guys do that. So I guess it is a mixture of both depending on the woman. A woman with more money will often put more pluses for looks while a woman with less money will often put more pluses for money. Of course ideally they want both but they take what is available. It is a very calculated system and quite fascinating. Guys are just as bad and use the plus and minus system as well but it is usually based on looks for pluses and other factors based on kids and age for minuses. So guys are no better to be fair. They just use a different system unless they are golddiggers and after cougars.;-)

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