Does Loving day mean anything to you?

Posted by Ria, 12 Jun 12

There are so many things we interracial couples take for granted. If you live in a town or state where being in an interracial relationship doesn’t churn people’s stomachs, acknowledge that because once upon a time, there were states where being able to just BE as an interracial couple was NEVER tolerated… Some still experience some of that today.

I believe most of us are familiar with the Loving vs. Virginia story. And I believe most of us celebrate and recognize Loving day as the day of LIBERATION of LOVE!

Thanks to the Lovings, interracial dating and marriage is nothing out of the ordinary – it is an acceptable way of life. Thanks to the Lovings, most of us in interracial relationships no longer have to worry about the awkward stares or crimes of hate against interracial coupling. Thanks to the Lovings, interracial marriage is a crime NO MORE! Thanks to the Lovings, we have an interracial dating site to promote interracial coupling.

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We all are unique. We all have our reasons for celebrate Loving Day. Some of us may not care much about the day all anti-miscegenation laws were struck down because we were never governed by such laws in the first place. I choose to see this day, not just as a celebration of interracial marriage, but also as a celebration of respect for one another, tolerance, equality and most of all, multiculturalism.

So lets all join hands as we celebrate the 45th anniversary of the day interracial marriage was legalized by sharing with each other why and how we choose to celebrate this day in honor of a couple who had to be jailed for "Loving" one another! Share your personal experiences and thoughts about what this day means to you.


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  1. Posted: 23 Jul 12

    I agree with all of the above comments and I enjoyed reading the article. But however it is still very touch dating outside of race. Especially where I live. When I go out with white guys I still the stares and funny looks as if we are still living in the 50's and 60's and it hurts me. I love to see a website on here where I know I am not alone with my dating outside of my race. I really like and enjoy the company of my present friend. I just have to really work hard at getting used to or ignoring the stares when we go out in public. It amazes me that here we are in 2012 and people still act shocked and stare. Yes love has no color lines it is what is in the heart.

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  2.   Humor2u says:
    Posted: 18 Jun 12

    It means love hasa no color and as long as two people are happy with one another and put God first in their lives nothing else matters.Humor 2u

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  3.   Boobee09 says:
    Posted: 18 Jun 12

    It is a blessing to know we have a God that created all His beauty in his creation of all people on this beautiful earth. Remembering and respecting that we all were created to love one another regardless of your race is a blessing for us all. I am very grateful to the ones before my time. It was God that makes love happen and the 2 people involved! I thank Richard and Mildred for loving each other and they paved the way for me to have faith and be alert to GOD'S PLANS FOR ME! To love another is being unselfish, no matter of the race, its about LOVE! Becoming one and no matter what, sticking together through thick and thin and at the end of the day, being right there together loving each other, is what God sees and recognize in us all. This is about loving each other until the end and working as ONE!

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  4.   euronukie says:
    Posted: 17 Jun 12

    It is because of Richard and Mildred that places like this exist. I am truly grateful to the people who had to pay the price for our freedom

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  5.   nika23 says:
    Posted: 13 Jun 12

    I attended a Loving Day celebration this past weekend and it was nice to see a diverse group of people enjoying each other's company. As an immigrant it's surprising that as recent as the late 60's this was illegal. It was shocking that they were arrested in their bedroom for being married. I'm glad they were finally able to love each other without the fear of being put in jail. They stayed together after being arrested, threatened with jail, banishment/forced evacuation of their home in Virginia, and a long court battle to win the right to love each other freely. Not many people could have gone through that without giving up on each other. They are a true testament to love and proved that love can conquer all. I didn't know about this case until a few years ago, but it means a lot to me. Thank you Mildred and Richard Loving for making it easy for me to love anyone I so choose.

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