Erotic literature: Does it do it for you?

Posted by Ria, 03 Sep

"Warning! Reading the following may cause palpitation, shortness of breath and extreme horniness and sexual arousal. Please consult with your doctor before continuing…"

Well, that’s a line I stole from "Shoe Shopping Sex", one of the short stories in the book "My Chocolate Addiction" by Joshua Jacobi. This book is a compilation of erotic poems and short stories on interracial sex and romance; hailing the beauty of the black woman.

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The thing with erotic stories is how they get you super excited. This takes me to my favorite collection...the "Letters to Penthouse" series of books … Erotic! Orgasmic! Outrageous! The way the writers disclose everything that goes on behind closed doors… back and front seats of cars, locked offices, airplane toilets and the most unimaginable locations!! Well, these books manage to stimulate all the senses with such force, you may of never even realized you had such evolved multitasking skills: reading,  finger hypnotically finding itself there...managing to arrive at the same time with the characters in the stories. And get this: these stories are super short! That tells you how hypnotic the power of erotic stories and imagination is. And whether they are fictitious or real? Who cares as long as they get the job done - in a FLASH!

But for the erotic novel "Fifty Shades of Grey" by British author E. L. James to top best seller around the world, including the United Kingdom and the United States tells you something: Erotic literature does it for people. This book is part of a trilogy that managed to sell over 40 million copies in like 37 countries. The series traces the deepening relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey, with tons of explicitly erotic scenes illustrating elements of sexual practices involving bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism. Imagine graphical illustrations of … and you have the power of imagination in you… the power of imagining you being the one being done for all those things written.

Back to the story of shoe shopping, Jacobi makes the black woman imagine meeting a white, blue green-eyed man (with penetrating eyes that make her soul feel naked, that gives her a "strange yet wonderful feeling of excitement deep within…") holding the perfect shoe. The connection is just unbelievable… like it happened in a dream… only its not a dream.

"As takes off your shoe, you again notice the same warm tingling energy that travels up your feet to your calves to your thighs and above. You squirm a little in your seat and notice you are starting to get moist."

After the shoe fitting,

…you notice him smiling with you… a blend of boyish innocence mixed with a hint of devilish mischievousness that makes you wonder what he is thinking. You find out soon enough as he begins to slowly slide his hand up your calf past your knee to your thigh. "Such smooth beautiful skin… it feels like fine silk" and you notice how beautiful his white hand looks contrasted against your darker color… a blend of erotic and exotic.

… He reaches his hand up your skirt and in one decisive motion takes your panties off like a magician…

For me, erotic literature is far more turning on than porn. Not to sound prejudicial but I wonder if it’s a woman thing (for us sex is in the mind and men visual)? I have never asked any man this but I wonder if erotic literature sends a similar strength of chills and tingles to all senses that are possible of being aroused as they do me. I wonder if it happens to a bunch of other women or is it just a "ME THING"?

Help me out, I'd love to know?

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  1.   mstren says:
    Posted: 03 Oct 12

    I enjoy reading it while in a nice bubble bath.

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  2. Posted: 09 Sep 12


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  3.   SugahRush says:
    Posted: 09 Sep 12

    . Stimulating conversation about career, sports, family, dating, weddings, etc is welcomed in most circles. We (Americans) are also very comfortable with talking about sexual activity & performance, however, many a person has been "stumped" conveying sexual expectations (other than "I EXPECT IT--OFTEN!). Writing, reading, sharing erotic poetry, prose and speech can be a vital part of improving interpersonal communication skills. Reading to a child increases his/her attachment to the reader; improves his/her ability to paint mental pictures; understand context, speech patterns and stimulates a desire to learn. Reading to a Date/Mate does EXACTLY the same thing! Start by reading simple poetry, prose or even a letter you've written to your Lover. As your connection and trust deepens, so should your reading material. As a woman of faith, I've read passages from the Song of Solomon and other chapters of the Bible to my love.There are also wonderful Non-fiction books which give readers an erotic edge. Examples would be classic texts on BDSM, and the Sanskrit to English translation of the Kama Sutra (which is actually an exhaustive manual about conduct, respect and Romance--a helluva lot MORE than the 69 positions most people have heard about.) It can be awkward at first. Embrace the giggles and take turns reading to each other. I think the key to reading erotica to another, effectively, is brevity. Keep it short, light and tight. Paint mental pictures with your vocals, body language and tones. The resulting closeness is worth getting past the initial awkwardness.

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  4.   alishaluv says:
    Posted: 07 Sep 12

    Usually,no. There is every once in awhile something that sparks my interest.

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  5.   Reese says:
    Posted: 06 Sep 12

    I love it. I will admit it is a guilty pleasure of mind.

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  6.   subbob says:
    Posted: 05 Sep 12

    Ria: Excellent question!....although i have lived the D/s, M/s lifestyle for 38 years, i do enjoy reading erotica....the stories may contain a lot of falsehoods about the lifestyle, but i still enjoy reading them....i have Fifty Shades, but have not started the first book.....i agree with You about porno, as i am totally not turned-on by watching it....unless it is involving a Black Mistress and her white male slave, of course! main focus these days is watching IR movies, for obvious reasons.....thanks for bringing up this topic!......subbob

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  7. Posted: 05 Sep 12

    I really do think it's a women thing. Remember Harlequinn Romances and Danielle Steele? That's all us... As an Icebreaker I like for my "potential man" to read erotic literature before we "ooh la-la!" Priceless....

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