Fired for extensive visits to online dating sites

Posted by Ria, 23 Mar

Accessing dating and online chat services at work too much? Better watch out!!! Don’t let the above happen to you ;-)

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Brian Crisp, cargo training co-ordinator for Air New Zealand for more than 25 years, was fired in 2005 after being caught spending up to a third of his working hours accessing internet sites with extensive visits to dating sites. He acknowledged there had been some inappropriate usage, but said much of the browsing occurred during his lunch hours, and pointed out he was not the only person with access to his login and password.

Employment Relations Authority after carrying out investigations found Air NZ's internet usage policy was not specific enough in relation internet access. There were weaknesses in the analysis of Mr Crisp's internet access which made it impossible to be exact about the extent of Mr Crisp's access during working hours.

Prepared for the verdict? After having analyzed the determinations, the authority said Mr Crisp's summary dismissal was not the action a "fair and reasonable" employer would have taken, and was therefore unjustified. The Authority hence ordered Air NZ to pay him $2000 as compensation for injury to his feelings.

For being unjustifiably dismissed, he got $2000 as compensation after having worked for 25 F***ng years. … I know you're at it now… I can see you!!! :roll: Advice from Ria… do it in your own time if your company has such stringent policies. Now get back to work. You know its you I am talking to!!!

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  1.   Arebw4u says:
    Posted: 14 Apr 07

    Mr. Crisp employer could have use blocking software or told him in written form that his use was not going to be accepted any longer. However I think that the company counted themself lucky to only pay him 2000 instead of a judgement to give him back his job. When I worked as an investigator, the computers in the office were used to update you on the news and for work. The internet was wonderful for getting all kinds of information. What was not good was when people were going on dating sites. Yes it might have been during their lunch time, but the pop ups to the sites came at the most embarrassing times. I was with a client and was getting ready to do a reverse look up of an address when the tickle me dating site pop up. Needless to say the picture on the pop up was not very flattering . And then porn and other pop ups came up also. Of course this was before all of the pop up blockers and approval links we have now. The point is that your job and personal life should not be mixed in together. If it was your boss would expect you to be selling or performing your job on your time off, so they don't expect you to be looking for love on there dime.

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  2.   mossimo says:
    Posted: 11 Apr 07

    Would hate to be fired for logging onto this site at work. What a way to go...

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  3.   Ann says:
    Posted: 10 Apr 07

    Production occurs on the computer and since I am paying the employee, it's in his best interest to work at work and play at home.

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  4. Posted: 27 Mar 07

    good for that guy to get some kind of favorable win for his case..during lunch I eat lunch---the good stuff--and AR reading material can wait till I get home!!----

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  5.   fala says:
    Posted: 24 Mar 07

    I used to be able to go to this site at work, but now my company has software that blocks sites that aren't work related. I admit spending much of your time at work on dating sites probably isn't going to make you employee of the month, but I miss being able to check my AR mail or reading some of the articles and blogs. It's no different than reading the news on but I know people can abuse their internet access while at work. If it gets to be that bad just take it away, unless it's essential for getting the job done.

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  6.   mossimo says:
    Posted: 23 Mar 07

    I have no internet access while on the job, but I often wonder about those that do. Bad day is a major understatement to lose a job over a dating site.

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