Gucci's "all Black" Ad Campaign is Everything!

Posted by Ria, 02 Feb

Gucci has gone in a different direction for its pre-fall 2017 ad campaign.

Instead of tapping the biggest A-listers like it has done in the past, the Italian fashion house has enlisted the help of some new faces – and best of all, they’re all black!

And it looks like we have Midland Agency to thank for this refreshing campaign, as they are the ones reportedly responsible for the casting.

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This isn’t their first real people casting either, as they have worked with the likes of Eckhaus Latta and Hood by Air for more “real” looking models. How good is that?!

The official Gucci campaign hasn’t been released yet, but we are loving the teasers that have slowly been released on Instagram. The models were seemingly asked a series of questions in their auditions, some of which have been used as captions on social media.

This one from model, Camille Munn, is particularly great; she was asked "What does it mean to have soul?" And she replied: "Soul is part of black culture. I think of afros, kind of old school flair, that kind of style. Soul Train."

What a great answer!

Take a look on the Gucci Instagram page to get acquainted with the rest of the models.

We can’t wait for the full campaign to land!

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