Happy New Year 2007

Posted by Ria, 02 Jan

Hello ladies and gents, I hope that the new year 2007, gives you health, happiness, and a lot of love from that special someone in your side ;) , and if he is not there at the moment, you can be sure that you will find one right here on this site !

I said I would start 2007 with good news and that’s what I am doing so here is a good one for you :

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The number of interracial marriages has increased in the United States. In 1970 the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there were just over 300,000 documented interracial marriages. The 1992 census indicates that well over a million marriages are interracial.

Dating someone outside of your race has been controversial for many centuries. At one point Canada, Australia, and the United states all banned interracial relationships. The origin of such debates stem from a hair brained notion that interracial relationships diluted racial purity.

A University in South Carolina went so far as to attempt to ban its students from interracial dating. To justify their ridiculous stance they cited references from the bible that have been preached for ages to scare parishioners about other races. The Bible doesn't ever actually use the word race. This didn't stop the President of the South Carolina University from threatening its students with expulsion if they were caught in an interracial relationship.  (And then got his car covered in yogurt – by accident of course : D)

Still today, many people continue to be uncomfortable about interracial relations. Oddly enough a survey was done in 2003 that polled nearly fifteen hundred Americans to see if they were more of less accepting depending on the races involved. Those that indicated that they were vehemently opposed to black/white marriages were more comfortable with Hispanic/White or Asian/White unions. The survey concluded that the largest correlation to attitudes against interracial relationships stemmed from the actual color of someone's skin.

Another survey has shown that slowly the nation is becoming more approving of interracial relationships. In 1972 nearly 60% of surveyed Americans said that they adamantly disapprove of interracial couples. However in 2001 the same survey shows that well over 65% of polled Americans now approve and or have no issues with interracial dating.

One of the reasons for the shift could be that so many celebrities are happily involved in interracial relationships. Halle Berry, an Academy Award winning movie star and face of an international beauty product campaign, is involved with a Caucasian model. If it raises any eyebrows it is only because of their age difference as opposed to their differences in race. Tiger Woods recently married a Swedish model and Taye Diggs, a Broadway, film and television star, has long been married to a woman who was not the same race. These celebrities are making it mainstream and tearing down racial barriers every time their photo is in the press.

So good thing is, changes do happen in our society…

So Brad (Pitt) wherever you are, I plead that you help me in increasing the census stats you know, just me, you , your bodyguards and the stars… (Hopefully not stars from being punched by Angelina :P)

What do you all think?


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  1.   mossimo says:
    Posted: 13 Feb 07

    Hopefully interracial marriages will continue to increase over the next 30 years and the acceptance will get to the point where noone turns their head. Time will tell.

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  2.   vic says:
    Posted: 08 Feb 07

    Happy New Year Everyone! Everyone has the right to choose who they spend their lives with. What might be right for me may not be for the next person...and that's ok. People need to try interacial dating before they knock it. You know what is said about making assumptions.........

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  3.   sweetnes20 says:
    Posted: 02 Feb 07

    happy new year to all!!!!

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  4.   nickyval says:
    Posted: 04 Jan 07

    Hold up pple. Ohhh I forgot to holla.... Hope 2007 has been great so far. Back to what's really itching me... Where to people get these citings in the bible? Just coz Israelites were not to marry outside of their ethnic group dont mean you take it literally. The only reason this happened was because Isralites were known to be the "pure" ones. And if anyone has been to Bible studies you willl realizee that what it means is that we shouldnt mix with sinners if it will compromise our Salvaion. I believe we are all equal before the eyes of the lord. We all qualify to be his children so long as we obey his commandments. Jesus mixed with sinners; he never discriminated. We all should follow this example and stop thinking along racial lines. Just as the rainbow – something God made – has 7 colours all in harmony, so should we human beings be.

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  5.   grachao says:
    Posted: 04 Jan 07

    Well am glad we are on to a new year. Am hoping it brings along with it new things... new beginnings for most of us. As much as th number of interracial marriages has increased in US, the acceptance of all this by family, friends and society is something that people need to work on seriously. Its not like if I get married to a white guy, my parents will live with him. Its going to be our life. I guess what society needs to do is respect everyones judgement and just let people be. If people think interracial relationships are wrong, then I should be left to find that out on my own. I should be left to be the judge of that. Let this be a year of respecting other peoples judgements and associations.

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  6.   seneta says:
    Posted: 02 Jan 07

    Hi Ria, Happy new year to you too. Wishing you well too especially your brad pitt dream... LOL and hope you wont get them stars. Anyway its actually relieving that the stats on interracial reationships are actually changing for the better. Being a Jaluo from Kenya, I love light skinned women. The race dont really matter. To tell you the truth, Its the colour that you know turns me on. So am hoping to find that light-skinned girl this year... hit it off and probably take her home to my parents. I know this site will actually help me get there. have gotten enough referrals from my friends. If you have nothing against interracial relationships, then this site is the way to go. Try it out pals and lets live, and date as a people on the same globe this year.

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