He Quit the Site, But Left His Number

Posted by Leticia, 10 Mar

“I am so thankful that I decided to give online dating a try,” says Olivia. “I met my boyfriend on [your] dating site. It doesn’t matter what anyone says about how we met, or the distance [separating us], I found my love!”

It all started when Olivia posted her profile on our site, using the nickname “Liv-Hope.” She tells us that meeting guys the old-fashioned way was a no-go, for her. “I am a single mom and it’s hard to get out to meet people,” Olivia explains. “I had been on the site in the past and I was trying it out again.”

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Browsing profiles, she came across one that caught her eye. “His [username] was Jlemon,” she recalls. “I saw him first and sent him a Flirt, even though I live in Virginia and he lives in Oklahoma.”

Initially it was Josh’s gallery of pix that stood out to Olivia. “I thought he was so handsome, and something about his profile drew me to him,” she says. “We sent a couple messages back and forth, but nothing really stood out about our conversation. I didn’t go on the site for a few days and when I logged in again I had a message from him saying he was leaving the site!”

Uh oh! That could have derailed this romance before it could get rolling. However, Josh didn’t want to close the door on Olivia. “He left me his phone number in case I wanted to stay in touch,” she remembers. “I texted him, and the rest is history! We texted all day and later talked on the phone for hours. Those long phone conversations continued multiple times every day, for weeks. That turned into video chatting and eventually driving across states to meet in person. At that time we told each other ‘I love you’ and made our relationship official.”

Right now they’re making the long-distance thing work, and geography isn’t hindering the growth of their relationship. “It only grows stronger every day,” marvels Olivia. “He is the most amazing man. I always believed my true love was out there, but Josh is more wonderful than I could have ever imagined!”

Their chemistry is more than skin-deep, they say – these two are like-minded and have complementary traits. Oliva notes, “We share so many of the same beliefs and both have goofy, fun-loving personalities. We bring out the best in each other and plan to spend the rest of our lives together.”

Good thing he left that phone number!

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  1.   Iima says:
    Posted: 01 Jul


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  2.   Bambagifaal says:
    Posted: 03 Jun

    Love is nice

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  3.   8ettiner says:
    Posted: 16 Mar

    Congratulations. You are a beautiful couple. All the best. Jah bless

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  4.   Jo223 says:
    Posted: 15 Mar

    Wish u the best,I hope to find love like you one day, online

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