He set to bust her cheating online and ended up giving her another chance

Posted by Ria, 01 Mar

cheating online Most of us feel online flirting is just some harmless fun. But what if it concerns someone who has been caught cheating before … like THRICE!!?

In a bid to find out if his dearcheater-est wife had reformed her ways, this man created some ‘fake’ profile and started chatting with her. Getting her to flirt with him was easier than he expected, especially from someone who claims to have reformed. She never lied about her marital status. However, she described the husband’s love making to be... utterly horrendous – OOUUCH!!

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These gory details didn’t deter this man’s crushed ego from laying his trap. In fact those heart stabbing words became his sole motivation. And with a virtual chemistry that explosive, numbers were exchanged and a meeting set in no time.

The husband asked a friend to call on his behalf. You have no idea how raunchy the conversation got and going by her tone and how she was talking, they concluded she had her mind set on not just meeting up with her mystery man, but sleeping with him and doing to him all the ‘sinful’ things she had promised.

Furious, the husband revealed to her that he indeed was this mystery man even before the hook-up. Cold feet? Who is to know. His confrontation didn’t go as he had anticipated. Her defense was: “There is nothing wrong with a fantasy. It’s not like I was having a real affair. Its not like he is a real man”.

Being a repeat offender, I was so sure they were headed for divorce. Ok at least some form of separation? WRONG! Dude sulked for like two days then gave her the forth final chance. So what was the whole point of playing cheating detective? What kind of love potion does she use on him?

Well, if it isn’t a potion, then maybe he forgave her because her only mistake was falling in love with the words of the same man she had fallen for once upon a time and could not resist his charm even behind a computer. Maybe, the dude gave her the benefit of doubt. I mean, who us to say she would have gone through with it, right?

That’s all I could think of. What do you think?

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  1.   mychal67 says:
    Posted: 15 Mar 11

    Communication is a cornerstone in the foundation of a successful and enduring love. It could have headed off alot of the troubles this couple faced and chose not to address. While it may be tough for some to face adverse circumstances in a relationship, the consequences of NOT dealing with them may lead to the point of no return. The troubles of this couple were avoidable....Bad lover, that can be rectified. Infidelity, if discussed honestly to completion, trust may be restored. Flirting....within the proper boundries, is acceptable. We are all human and enjoy the flattery of others, But there are lines that can not be crossed, and if they are the damage is irreversible. In this case, there seems to have been a wealth of unspoken emotions which led to unteniable attempts of discovery of the truth....unreuited sexual satisfaction, decietful attempts to find true motives, and a lack of desire to approach a solution that is best for the couple and not just the individual dooms a relationsip to repetition of the same problems. All this could have been avoided with open and honest communication which is designed in the spirit of "WE" and not "ME" Don't you think?

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  2.   Sugahrush says:
    Posted: 14 Mar 11

    Cheaters get no sympathy from me! Neither do those who facilitate cheating--Co-Cheats or Partners who keep wallowing in the massive mess cheaters create!! There are RARELY victims after the first episode (exception? maybe children,etc). Forgiveness is always APPROPRIATE and necessary, however, forgiveness is NEVER CHEAP. It NEVER comes without a HIGH price. It also doesn't absolve the offender from consequences. The question is whether this foul femme fatale has paid the price? Has she suffered ANY consequences? To her husband, she has and to that end, Bless 'em both...and their NEXT trainwrecks...er...relationships. My hope is this: when he LEARNED that he was thought to be a lousy lover, did he STEP UP his game? (Secret: it's MORE than just bedroom technique. It's a lifestyle.) When she LEARNED that she'd been busted and hurt him, did she STEP AWAY from her game? Did they get around to the business of working on themselves in order to meet the needs of and to serve the other? They BOTH have work to do in themselves, their marriage and with each other. If NOT, the ego bruising, gaming,lying, righteous indignation, flirting, and even the forgiveness, is BS and for nothing...and frankly, good BS should at least be good for fertilizing SOMEBODY'S GARDEN!! ~Sugah

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  3.   DeeRock83 says:
    Posted: 04 Mar 11

    Poor guy...

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  4.   BrwnnBeauty says:
    Posted: 04 Mar 11

    ermmm no need to cheat..if she's looking for a fantasy..she should have tried her husband first..there is not telling what he would give her....do for her...wish he would fulfill for her...if he was given the opportunity....communication is the key here....or lack of. my 2 cents.

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  5.   navyguy2222 says:
    Posted: 02 Mar 11

    This guy is a complete fool! He's living in a dream world if he actually believes that his wife would not have followed through with her intent on F#$%ing this mystery guy. The very next chance she gets, she will be ready to lay down with the next smooth talker that comes along. GET REAL!

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