How to respond to being ghosted in a relationship

Posted by Liam, 07 Sep

Do you have an idea of what being ghosted in a relationship is? Well, with the rise in online dating, there has been a considerable rise in people ghosting one another. Apparently, most people do it because it is an easy thing to do. We can just blame it on the online platforms. There are so many different ways that people do it. Even celebrities such as Matt Damon have been accused of doing it.

So how does one handle ghosting in a relationship? Well, Love is All Colors tackles this today… Read on...

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How to handle being ghosted

Back to celebrities ghosting people … Did you know that Matt Damon ended his relationship via text message and refused to answer any of the texts of his now ex-girlfriend?  That said going underground and ignoring someone in a relationship is very easy for the person who id doing it. Now try imagining how the person who is being ghosted really feels.

Well, let us talk about the getting ghosted meaning first before moving into how to deal with being ghosted…

Meaning of ghosting

The getting ghosted meaning is when a person you were in a relationship with, romantic or otherwise just leaves you out of the blues with no explanation or reason whatsoever. So basically, once they go underground, they break all communication. This has become today's way of dumping someone or getting dumped. One minute you are in constant communication with someone thinking that you have this great connection, and the next thing, they have dropped out of the face of the earth. It’s kind of like they died and became ghosts.

Now like most ghosts some usually raise from the dead. Then they might come back to haunt you. So haunting is when the person who was ghosting you makes an unexpected reappearance carrying on like they never even left in the first place. Kind of like they paused the relationship then un-paused it.

Why ghosters ghost

Why would someone end up being ghosted in a relationship? Why do people decide to just cut ties with someone for no reason and without giving any explanation?

When ghosting in a relationship happens, sometimes the person doing it has their own emotional baggage to deal with. So basically, they are trying not to have to be emotionally available. I wish even with breakups; people can at least be a bit kind and empathetic. Some just want to avoid the tears and confrontation that comes with breakups.

The thing about getting over being ghosted is to first realize how much effort goes into trying to break up with someone. That said, those people who ghost others put no effort whatsoever... they want to take the easy way.

It is up to you to know how to handle being ghosted. Are you going to let it eat you up and break you down or will you toughen up and move on? Well, here is how to deal with being ghosted…

1. Acknowledge it

No one likes to know that they have been ghosted. The first step towards how to get over being ghosted is to get over the denial and accept it. Just accept that the relationship has run its course, however short that time was. There was a great connection that came to an end because it got lost somewhere. Don’t keep hoping that this man or woman will one day realize that they are still in love with you. Just accept, get closure, and move on. If they cared they wouldn’t have taken the ghosting short cut in the first place.

2. Grieve

The end of a relationship, especially a sudden one that ends with ghosting can sometimes feel like someone just died suddenly. So one needs to mourn the death of that relationship. When you give yourself time to mourn failed love, it helps you move on. Much you might never forget having been ghosted, the crying is a right of passage that helps us pick up the pieces and move on.

One thing with being ghosted in a relationship is that there is never closure. So you need to be kind to your heart and emotions and give yourself enough time to mourn and heal. Don’t be in a rush to get over it. Don’t blame yourself for having been ghosted. It happened. And it happened because that is what was meant to happen.

3. Give your body and soul some TLC

One thing that is known to heal even the most broken of hearts is a little TLC. If you are going to sit and wait for people to come to take care of your body, you are going to wait forever. Much as you might be hurting, one way to get over a breakup is to dust yourself up and do the things you love most… things that can at least make you laugh… fun things that you loved to do alone before being ghosted.

The only love that can make you stronger is the love that a person has for themselves. Self-love should not be taken away from you just because someone ghosted you. One of the most important steps of getting over being ghosted before you even decide to look for someone else to fill that void is to begin to love yourself first.

4. Sometimes forgiveness is the best medicine.

Now even if this person you have been chatting with all your evenings decided to take that connection away in a cowardly fashion try and understand where they were coming from. You might find they didn’t ghost you because they never cared in the first place.

If you dedicated all that much time and they still ghosted you, maybe they weren’t worth your time in the first place. If they chose ghosting as the best way to end that connection, maybe they had other underlying issues that made ghosting seem to be the best way to end things.

The best way to deal with being ghosted in a relationship is to mourn the relationship, forgive and let it go, and stop blaming them for having made that choice. Blaming them will only keep reminding you of what happened and it will only hurt you more. Just let it go and move forward.

5. Moving forward...

The thing is, there is no fixed guide on how to get over being ghosted. But if you are dating online, watch out for such individuals. The thing is, if they did it before, they are likely to do it again. So if they decide to reappear in your life, just keep off or tread carefully. Sometimes though, some people didn’t mean to ghost you. They probably have a genuine reason why they went AWOL on you. If this is the case, take a moment to think things through and use your better judgment.

Want to know a man’s mind on what to do after a breakup? If you are feeling awful about it, follow the link and check out this excellent article to help you overcome such challenging times.

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  1.   Joykee23 says:
    Posted: 25 Jul 21

    Thanks for the inspiration. I was really feeling devastated. Refuse to eat, go out or do anything. I thought my world had ended after been ghosted. But I guess I just have to move on.

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