Inspirational: Tia Mowry breathed life into her man's dreams.

Posted by Ria, 25 Aug 15

This may not be our typical interracial couple story because of the one-drop rule - Tia Mowry is mixed race but because she has at least a drop of black blood, we call her black. However, being mixed and married to a black man Cory, I believe we should give this truly inspirational story a slot here.

Tia met her husband Cory after acting in his first movie. She was with her twin sister Tamera Mowry-Housley at the time driving home. So they find Cory sitting at the bus stop and she decided to offer him a ride home.

Dude was bloody broke; home unfurnished and his job at the time: security guard. But Cory had much bigger dreams for himself. He wanted to and believed in becoming an actor. Tia, who believed in his dreams too pushed him; breathing life into Cory's acting dreams.

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The pair have been together for 15 years. She saw something in this broke a** security guard at the bus stop that made her believe in his dreams enough to make her push... breathing life into her man; bringing his dreams to life.

Inspirational... Breath-taking... Now tell me this story doesn't deserve a spot here...

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  1.   Charm924 says:
    Posted: 11 Oct 15

    I love it. It shows that juse because u see someone on the bus stop doesn't mean that person can't have great dream and turn in to the man of your dreams. Breath life into you mate and help them. They will not only thank you but love u for loving them when they had nothing to offer in return. Beautiful story!

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  2.   28Valentina says:
    Posted: 09 Sep 15

    I so admire both of these young women....they are truly strong and confident.

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