Interracial communication - Language barrier

Posted by Ria, 22 Mar

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While dating online, has someone ever shown interest in you in a language that he/she alone understood? What happens when you meet someone you like and can’t speak a word of English? Would you just let the person go? Would you do it like the video guy did… Get someone who can speak that language and put it on paper.

Imagine if this video guy got someone who translated all that wrongly and instead of all the smoothness and sweetness of the words, he waves cards telling the lady how ugly she was or some vulgar s***. You think he would have gotten that kiss? HELL FREAKING NO!! We would be seeing a different picture… the black dude beating him to pulp. :oops:

Its kind of cute how he did it. Reminds me of this song Come Close by Common ft. Mary J. Blige where the dude was hitting on a mute and couldn't do sign language...He drew love out. The point am busy trying to put across is, communication aint just about just yapping things out of your mouth, its how you put your message across. Sometimes less talking and more showing does the trick. More than words… Sometimes silence says much more. Sometimes putting it down carries more weight… coz you put thought into it. Communication isn't just about expressing a thought. It's also about understanding what your partner is saying and conveying.

I tend to think most of us who date online succeed coz before sending something to someone, you read it to yourself first. Speaking silently carries so much weight. And just because you cant speak some language doesn’t mean you let that chance of love pass you by. Put some effort into it. Get a translator… you might just get yourself that kiss. Like the guy puts it…we got to have hope and agenda

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  1. Posted: 10 Apr 07

    learning other languanges....another way of communicating effectively!!!

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  2.   RayneDelay says:
    Posted: 29 Mar 07

    And the same goes for religion!

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  3.   fala says:
    Posted: 23 Mar 07

    If you like someone who speaks another language you should both make an effort to learn each other's language. It's a great way to learn more about a different culture.

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