Is good sex…?

Posted by Ria, 12 Dec 10

good sexThey say sex is more emotional for women than men. Its all about openness, connection and bonding with the man – heart to heart, mind to mind, soul to soul. On the other hand, most men are more concerned with the techniques and physical pleasure that comes with sex, though some have confessed that sex with the women they love is different (a good kind of different) – more in their heads than their penises (And yet they still ejaculate ;-) )

So what makes for good sex? Is good sex more physical (wham bam!) or more emotional?

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  1.   Happy_Girl says:
    Posted: 09 Jan 11

    Good sex can be with someone you dont know (nor really want to know) or with someone you know like the back of your hand. JUST depends.

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  2.   Oppsattract says:
    Posted: 09 Jan 11

    The description of sex, from a man's point of view is basically spot-on. Good (emotion-less) sex with a woman is definitely more about physical enjoyment premised on how tightly her canal wraps around me, how good her gyrations and (internal) muscles feel, how well she translates good kissing skills into other uses of her mouth, and the amount of imagination and openness she possesses. NOW! When emotions are involved, AND she is tight, has active internal muscles, great gyration movement, great kissing skills that are mimicked with other uses of her mouth, and she has good imagination and sexual openness, you have LOVE MAKING at its epitome. Keep in mind though, women are just as capable of emotion-less sex as men. I've met women who just love sex for sex sake. It still begins in the head for them as well (i.e. romance and verbal foreplay), but they just don't invest themselves emotionally (e.g. openness, connection and bonding) in the person.

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  3.   Romina19 says:
    Posted: 29 Dec 10

    it is both physical and emotional I mean how can you not feel any type of emotion when having sex unless you're some type of robot

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  4.   kissime says:
    Posted: 26 Dec 10

    It's great to be able to share our individual thoughts of our individual emotions of some things in life that cause us to feel. I believe some things in life can identifiably cause me more emotion than other. I do not find casual sex exciting . Yet I'm able to not judge when one finds it so-it's their lives and therefore, can do as they please. Dictating emotions or people's lives has never been appealing to me. I can only experience orgasms from mental stimulations leading to sex with a man I love or like-deeply. This does not infer mental stimulation or long winded philosophical discussions are required prior to every day love making or raw sex. However, knowing that my man is intelligent, and to converse is not challenging-does excite me to the point of climbing walls. I have no problem with my sexuality. I think sex and masturbation is natural...only the individual can understand the extreme of its normalcy. There should be no worries if you're living a satisfying life and you just happen to have a lot of sex or self-satisfaction (masturbation) base on yours truly, your dear hands or whatever toys you fancy ;) . Just be aware that in the end, it's up to you to figure out whether or not sex is fitting into your life in a positive way. For me Great sex is definitely very emotional, physical…heart, mind, soul and beyond.

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  5.   himone says:
    Posted: 24 Dec 10

    ok first let establish that sex and love is totally two different. so what makes for good sex? good sex is a connection between the two involved and there is nothing off limits in their sexual relationship. this is were they know each other wants and needs and escalate into mind blowing sex. it happens. is good sex more physical (wham bam!) or more emotional? no its not more physical or emotional its a connection. physically it good to have a healthy body willing to go all night doesnt mean the sex is going to be good. emotionally that is when one thinking they sexxxing the one they love. they forget that sex and love is two totally different things. emotions are a feeling and how would one feel after they had sex and it was not all that. their emotion of that person about sex will totally change but will love them for some totally different reasons. so no good sex is neither emotional nor physical.

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  6. Posted: 19 Dec 10

    First of all, that statement that sex is more emotional for women than men is a billion percent false. That ridiculous statement is based on the assumption that women want sex less than men therefore everyone they have sex is their one true love. You can have good sex with pretty much anyone who knows what they are doing...but to have GREAT sex, you must be with someone you are connected to on a deep level (doesn't have to be a love thing but deep connection is a MUST)

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  7.   Marenka says:
    Posted: 13 Dec 10

    Sorry but this is big sex in my life was with man i didnt love. :D

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    • Oppsattract says:
      Posted: 09 Jan 11

      That is pretty sad. Either: (1) the man loved had poor technique; or (2) the man she did not love had awesome technique; or (3) the man she thought she did "not" love, who was the greatest sex partner, was actually someone she loved but did not realize it; or (4) has had great sex, but was never "truly" in love.

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  8.   kissime says:
    Posted: 07 Dec 10

    Digging deep in my memory -sex is the most profound and intimate way to express my love to the man I love. Great sex is definitely very emotional...heart, mind, soul and beyond. But it's been too long for me to remember.

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