Is she looking for an online fling or love?

Posted by Ria, 29 Jul

from the University of Texas.

Single women were asked to record profile videos for some dating site and also answered questions about their relationship goals. You are not gonna believe the outcome:

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"The more a woman spoke about herself in her video—her personality, or what she likes to do for fun—the more focused she was on a fling. Meanwhile, a woman looking for long-term romance was more likely to describe the traits of her perfect match."

Apparently, women who are looking for love and commitment are very selective about the qualities of the potential mate so for this reason, they tend to indicate what they are looking for in a man on their profile in terms of personality, career, looks… On the other hand, the main focus of the women looking for some harmless fun online was themselves – they are advertising themselves. Makes sense – If I am just looking for a quick fling, I guess personality doesn’t matter right?

Anyhow, I am looking at James' recent article: Are such online dating mistakes failing you? and in a way this research seems to contradict it. When we talk about what we want in a guy too much, we are picky. Talking about ourselves in his article is supposed to be a good thing.

What do you think of this research in comparison to James' article? What has worked for you?

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  1. Posted: 09 Aug 13

    How dare that loser call you ugly dark.angel!!! You are a beautiful woman! Yes I am a woman and no I am not a lesbian. I just call it as I see it and I have no problem giving people compliments. Keep your head up beautiful woman and you will find a great guy. Good Luck in your search!!

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  2. Posted: 09 Aug 13

    To dark.angel, You are not ugly at all! What the hell is he talking about! You go sister and you will find happiness. There are so many insecure ass.... on here. Excuse my language.

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  3.   dark.angel says:
    Posted: 08 Aug 13

    I totally agree with prettygirl46 I left this site for a while due to the fact that some men thought I was after a fling. Some of the messages just took my breath away and were so personal. I even had one guy who messaged me saying I was ugly and horrible to look at it came out if the blue. I didn't even know who he was never mind any kinda of conversation it was very odd and kinda un-nerved me. /at the end of the day if you look at someone's profile and you don't like what you see just ignore it and keep searching. Simple. There are so many websites for flings, hook up e.t.c. Personally I want to find a life time partner a soul mate , the one to give my heart too settle down and make n amazing life. I am sure I'm not asking too much!!!

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  4. Posted: 05 Aug 13

    Quite a few of the men on here think I am interested in a fling and I am not. You can't control who looks at your profile, but you have to list what you want.

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