Korean Artist Celebrates Black Women's Power And Beauty Through Graffiti

Posted by Ando, 02 Jan

The beauty of the Black woman has been downplayed by the media for years. Their beauty goes unnoticed by many on the mere basis of skin color and 'kinky' hair. But not to this particular Korean graffiti artist.

'Royal Dog' is his Instagram handle. He hails from Seoul. When visiting the US recently, Royal Dog decided to use his graffiti art to celebrate the Black woman's power and beauty. He put a perfect spin on his art by fusing two cultures: Black women and girls wearing Korean garb. And people just hailed his work on Instagram. Here are a few with the captions:

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"This was such a beautiful concept combining an African-American woman with traditional Korean dress"

"You'll be a blessing (Gen 12:2)"

black girl

"I'm spring, you're flower. (And you have bloomed in me)"

For years graffiti has been used by people as a way of expressing and bringing into the limelight, things and people that are over looked - that would otherwise go unnoticed. Graffiti uplifts. And Royal Dog made the effort to uplift black women and celebrate multiculturalism through his mural series. Simply amazing!

"Boombox girl"

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