Lawsuit: Former Orange County teacher fired for dating a black man?

Posted by Ria, 02 Sep 15

Former Edgewater High School teacher, Audrey Dudek, is suing the school for discrimination, claiming she was terminated unlawfully in 2013 when the school administration discovered that she was dating a black man. As per the evidence in the lawsuit filed Wednesday, The Florida Commission on Human Rights believes she has a case.

According to the report, the school's principal and assistant principal at the time treated her differently "because she closely associated with non-whites." Apparently the administration was shocked and offended on learning that her boyfriend, then, was black and that she played black music and hang out with non-white faculty members.

As per the lawsuit, her performance reviews were manipulated, and white faculty members performed racially prejudiced skits at her; wearing black faces, Afro wigs, gold teeth and baggy clothing.

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"The assistant principal complained to her to her face, talking to, and I quote, those people referring to black members of the faculty and staff... This isn't about sending a message. This is about getting justice for a teacher that was terminated unlawfully," said Suzanne Tzuanos, Orlando attorney whose firm is representing Derek.

The school district denied the allegations saying she was let go due to budget cuts, but Tzuanos maintains that her firing was discriminatory saying: "The budget didn't go down in that period of time. Ms. Dudek is a math teacher. There's a critical need for math teachers at Orange County Public Schools, so the district's explanation does not hold water,"

Dudek is now married to this black man she was fired over and is suing for unspecified damages for pain, suffering and loss of dignity.

Honestly, how does someone's personal life affect their performance (unless its drug related)? So what if she loves black music? [Sigh]!!! Hope justice gets served.

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  1.   Mosiah7 says:
    Posted: 03 Jan 16

    Can't stop what can't be stopped.

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