Leaving The Friend Zone And Scoring A Second Date

Posted by Ria, 28 Mar

For years she was one of the group. You got to know her while surrounded by a cluster of mutual friends. You've been to movies, dinner and even traveled together, but never as anything more than buddies. As your attraction grew, you mustered the courage to ask your gal pal out on a date. It was a huge success, and now you are hoping that your friend who is a girl will end up being your girlfriend. First you have to snag a second date. Make sure she sees you as a potential love interest, rather than the platonic sidekick you have always been.

Surprise Her With Flowers

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The day after your successful first date, send flowers to make a big impression. Order flowers with FTD and have a beautiful arrangement sent to her office. This classic gesture will put a smile on her face and remind her that you have left the friend zone and see her in a new, romantic light. Write something meaningful on the card that will give her something to look forward to. Try referring to something she told you during your date. Tell her you enjoyed hearing about it and are looking forward to talking about it more on your next date. This will let her know that you were riveted by what she said and plant the seed for a second date.

Make a Plan

Have a plan to ask your friend-turned-sweetie out for a second date. When presented with a vague suggestion to get together again, it's too easy for her give in to doubts and sidestep or ignore the question. Instead, find a restaurant that serves her favorite food and make a reservation. When asking her out again, go in confidently by saying, "I enjoyed our first date so much that I made a reservation for two on Friday night. I hope you'll join me." Speak confidently and offer a concrete plan to greatly increase the chances she will say yes. Skip any restaurants you have frequented as friends. Returning to old haunts makes it easy to slip into old, platonic habits. The early days of dating are perfect for exploring new ground and trying new spots.

Pick Up Tickets

While dinner is always a solid plan, going a little bigger will make the impression you are looking for more. Purchase tickets to an upcoming event you know she will love. Present them in an unexpected way. If there is time, enclose the tickets in a card with a handwritten request for a second date and mail them. No one gets anything interesting in the mail anymore, so she will be thrilled to see your surprise nestled inside.

Go Digital

In the day or so following your first date, find a post about a celebrity or news story she mentioned in your conversation. Forward the article to her with a note saying, "I can't wait to hear your take on this on our second date." Not only are you asking her out again, but you are also showing her that you listen and are interested in her insights. As an added bonus, you will pave the way to a flowing conversation as you navigate your way from friends to something more.

Feel free to share with us and let us know how you got your 'girl' to become your girlfriend.

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