Lingerie "Nude for All" Collection for Women of All Colors by Naja

Posted by Ria, 25 May 16

What shade is "nude"? People have been asking recently. Initially "nude" meant light-colored. Not anymore.

Christian Louboutin designed skin-toned shoes with several shades. Dancers also have their collection of leotards and ballet shoes. So it was about time we had the same revolution in the bras and panties "nude" arena right? Well, "Nude for All" is the name of the lingerie collection by Naja - "a collection including seven shades guaranteed to suit all women."

The caption on Naja's Facebook page is priceless: "Why try to fit in someone else's skin when you can shine on your own? We started Nude For All because we believed it was time to change the idea that there is only one nude."

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What are you looking for?

Here is how the idea was born:

'Naja CEO Catalina Girald first got the idea while watching the 2012 Olympics and seeing Gabby Douglas wearing "nude" colored shoes that didn't match her skin. "I used to be a gymnast so I'm always sensitive to those things, and it was the first time that it dawned on me that the wrap didn't exist in other colors," she says. It'd be two years before Naja came to life in 2014, but Girald held on to the idea of an inclusive collection of nude underwear.

Girald met Gina Rodriguez―who had not yet been cast in Jane the Virgin―at an event and shared her vision. "She said, 'What?! That's a great idea!' and eight months later when she won the Golden Globe, I called her up and said, 'Hey, remember that idea? Why don't we do it? Can you be my partner?'" Girald recalls. Rodriguez, of course, said yes and now is featured in the campaign.

To create the seven shades, Girald first started with makeup to come up with base tones. "I pretty much bought every cosmetic possible," she says. They narrowed it down to 23 colors and actually made 23 shades of bras and panties. To make sure it could really suit all skin tones, they put up ads on Craigslist and social media to have women come in and try them all on until they were left with the most universal shades.'

Girald wanted to feature real women for her "Nude for All" campaign as opposed to models; varied ethnicities and body types. They were looking for accomplished women with a cool story - irrespective of color and shape. Besides Rodriguez, they have a Harvard Business school student, a Bangladeshi-Muslim girl who fought being in an arranged marriage, a Silicon Valley software engineer for an electric car company, and a ballerina from the San Francisco Ballet.

Girald says: "It's time for people to have shoes in different colors. And leotards. And lingerie. I'm really excited."

Here are some of the wonderful quotes on the "Nude for All" ads:

"One Nude? So Rude. Explore our seven shades of nude for you."

"A nude for you... and you. Because one nude doesn't fit all."

"Gina got nude. Get your nude on."

Its been a long time coming. And here they are. So go grab yourself some "nude". You will definitely find one for your skin tone. The prices are quite affordable; with bras going for $52 and underwear at $18, $20, and $22.

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  1.   Ze1027 says:
    Posted: 08 Jun 16

    I love to see it

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  2.   RUDONE says:
    Posted: 08 Jun 16

    it's all in the mind before and after, looking forward to the new look

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  3. Posted: 28 May 16

    what a privilege it must have been to have only thought about this in 2012! as a Black women who can NEVER find nudes in my colour, i came up with the idea about 35 years ago!!! if i had the finances, mentoring, and networks my brand would have been launched decades ago.

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  4.   rogue_male says:
    Posted: 26 May 16

    Amazing, looking forward to seeing the first nude yoga pants! :-)

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