#LoveMyColor: L'Oreal Empowering Black Women Through Hair

Posted by Ria, 02 May 16

It’s all about black women empowerment with the freshest L’Oréal online and social campaign #LoveMyColor that kicked off about a week ago. It is geared to relaunch its Dark and Lovely Fade Resist brand, a hair color product for black women.

The campaign consists of a microsite LoveMyColor.com and a branded video featuring black women using catchy phrases such as “life-changing,” “rule-breaking,” “fiercely beautiful” and “proudly personal” to describe and define their hair color.

L’Oréal’s multicultural beauty division SVP of marketing, Michelle Ryan, told Digiday: “Hair is a way for women to express themselves and we want them to speak about their colorful lives. So we want to go beyond a traditional campaign and connect women at an emotional level.” The campaign shows how Dark and Lovely colors can make black women feel empowered.

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To participate in the #LoveMyColor campaign, all one needs to do is upload a picture onto LoveMyColor.com, “enter a phrase users can enter a phrase or a word to describe what their hair color means to them” then share their pics on social media (Facebook and Twitter) with the hashtag #LoveMyColor. This sharing will encourage other women to do so and express how they feel about their hair color.

Much as the #LoveMyColor campaign kicked off about a week ago, the main campaign debuted its TV and Youtube modules in February; driving the sales up by 20%.

This isn’t the first campaign of its kind. Dove Hair Care also has an initiative: #LoveYourHair meant to empower women. It's film features women wearing their hair however it pleases them; without a care as to the standards the mainstream media has set for beautiful hair. The message being driven by the Dove initiative is that hair is the foundation of confidence that drives women forward.

Many thanks to L’Oréal for giving Black women the chance to flaunt their hair colors however they choose to: afro, short, dreadlocked, weaved… Just FLAUNT IT! FLAUNT IT! FLAUNT IT!!!

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  1. Posted: 28 May 16

    "LOrals multicultural beauty division"? Ha! Business must be bad and sales declining if they are now voluntarily appealing to Black women. I will not be spending any money on any of their products. As far as this company and others are concerned, only white women are worth attention, and considered beautiful. I colour my hair with henna, and indigo, and will continue to do so.

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