Marrying interracially brings wealth and influence?

Posted by Ria, 23 Oct

interracial couples wealthier

The most influential, wealthiest, American families are no longer white. They are "all of the above."

That's author Steven Marche’s opinion for you in his article on Esquire dubbed The Postracial Elite! Apparently, it pays to marry out (and if you are a member of this site, affluence is coming your way soon ;-) )

Much as people have been forecasting the growth in interracial relationships and marriage over the years, they didn't foresee the power and influence such interracial unions would wield. This is according to Pew research which found that interracial couples tend to be a bit wealthier and more educated than their same-race counterparts … with the White-Asian couples taking the lead.

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Before, being in a mixed race relationship or of mixed race was considered low. But today, these same individuals born of - once considered - illicit relationships are the new elite..."biraciality has become a signifier of currency and prosperity".

As Marche explains the above point:

The number of people identifying themselves as belonging to more than one race jumped 32 percent over the past decade. The number identifying themselves as both black and white rose by a staggering 134 percent. That rise isn't so much attributable to the rise of mixed-race people as it is to the number of people who choose to identify themselves as such. Biraciality is a desirable status. They know they are the future.

In short Marche is trying to show that race mixing is the future and now more than ever, mixed race individuals want to identify with the future.

Question is: Does marrying interracially automatically bring wealth to the couple or is it the other way round: that once they acquire wealth, rich individuals become more interested in dating outside their race?

See stats: postracial elite

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  1.   Lalune20 says:
    Posted: 02 Nov 12

    Inter-racial marriage brings cultural wealth and adversity but not neccesarily pocket wealth. I need such a marriage

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  2.   arlandf says:
    Posted: 23 Oct 12

    I am very iffy on this question. As a person that desires to go into politics and run for office, me dating or marrying interracially won't even get me a vote from my own race (in reference to "If Obama had a white wife, would he be president?" article) . To be honest, this only work for white men. With Asian and Hispanic, there are more Asian and Hispanic women marring white men then White women marrying Asian and Hispanic men. With white and black, it is mainly black men and white women that dominate that statistics in spite of the high divorce rate in comparison to white men and black women. Also, black men are the second race of men to date/ marry interracially. I said this many times there is no backlash for marrying a white man. However, there is a backlash for marrying any other man, especially a black man. So to answer Ria's question, No. Because white men will have support regardless. While the black men that marries interracially will be cast out even among other black people. Just my opinion.

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    • Reese says:
      Posted: 24 Oct 12

      I don't think it only works for white men. We see alot of men of wealth marrying ir. Also black men are not the 2nd highest men to marry ir. The highest being native american, hispanic. Statistically black men are not married at even 15 % ir compared to native americans at 58% and both hispanic groups in the 50s. Clarence Thomas and other black men have white wives and hasn't stopped them.

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  3. Posted: 23 Oct 12

    I just want to say I agree with the forcast of interracial marriages because it has brought forth an economic shift to America. I believe this is one of the answers to our economic problems. Although many people are still against these marriages I believe that all of heaven orchestrated these wonderful unions. I'm all for it and hope that relationships like these continue to grow and prosper.

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