Men are always looking for serious relationships?

Posted by Ria, 13 Mar

men and serious relationshipsEver wondered why that guy you had been dating for years suddenly dumped you just because he wasn’t ready for marriage; only for him to announce his engagement to another woman two months later?

Apparently, contrary to popular belief and according to this guy Wisdom is Misery, men are always in search of a serious relationship. We women don’t know it because they JUST don’t tell us they are. Reason being: We will assume they are looking for a serious relationship with us… which more than half the time isn’t the case.

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(I am going to use apparently a lot today because to be honest, I am not going to pretend that I buy this – hence the question mark in title.)

Anyhow, apparently, much as a man would be willing to have sexual relations with as many women as he possibly can, at the same time, he will be on the look out for that great woman… the one he will be with exclusively… or one he will put in the “future wife” category and hope no other man wifes her before he is ready to commit.

Apparently, when a man meets a woman, no matter how potential-wife-material she may seem, the story usually is: "I’m not looking for anything serious" (even when he is.) And its the woman’s reaction to this warning that will determine whether she will end up being just a weekend fling, a standby girlfriend, just a friend or the exclusive one.

Apparently, much as we hate to believe this, men are always looking for a serious relationship because most of them don’t want to die alone. Somebody, please make me believe this coz if you ask me, I think men stumble into serious relationships by accident. What do you think?

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  1.   ramoga says:
    Posted: 01 Apr 12

    I will say it goes both ways. it's not always the man , women feel the same way too but sometimes we won't say it. I walked out of a relationship because I didn't see a future with the guy. I kept telling my self may be he is different. It happens when u get to know the person more and envision the future you come to realize it wasn't meant to be. I knew it because I started to look around. That's a red flag already.

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    • DonnasHere says:
      Posted: 05 Apr 12

      I agree with u 3, Elle, NOPLAYER and ramoge, women want the same things as men. We have come along way in 30 yrs women. We can go after what we want now and not get crucifed for it.

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  2.   elle6159 says:
    Posted: 27 Mar 12

    I was in a relationship for almost 16 yrs. and i'm the one who didn't want to get married. I don't understand why people think men are always the one with the choices. If he hasn't asked you to marry him in more than 5 years (and that's pushing it because when men think you're the one...they move in for the lock down), he's still looking for the one. Drop that zero and get yourself a hero. Unless of course you're holding on to him until YOU find "the one." Most of the time the one only last for 7-10 years anyway. Then there will be ANOTHER one. LOL. Enjoy your life. You can have many many chances at happiness....IF you know what i mean!

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    • NOPLAYER says:
      Posted: 02 Apr 12

      @ ella6159 - You have a point, sometimes people will hold on to person until they find "THE ONE" and the sad thing about it is, some people (both men and women) know whats really going on but they allow themselves to be strung along and thats crazy! At what point does the self respect factor kick in and the person says "wait a minute, I'm not about to be the "old standby" or the "just in case" lover, if you don't find me worthy enough to make me "THE ONE", I'll keep it moving because I wont be "ONE OF YOUR MANY!" I don't believe men are the only ones with the choices but each one of us has the freedom to make the right choice and not be strung along and played with by a lover. Best wishes!

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  3.   NOPLAYER says:
    Posted: 25 Mar 12

    Ria - A man will have sex with as many women as he possibly can if he could and in the mean time he can still be looking for his future wife. He's doing the same thing women do when they go shopping for heels, he's trying them on for size looking for that perfect fit. The woman that will attract him and mostly likely get his last name is the woman that can keep him coming back for more without even sleeping with him in the first place. We know that sex will come in due time, so the "don't stop get-it get-it " alone doesn't seal the deal! Trust me good sex doesn't make a woman wife material. Things like being able to cook, having class, being agreeable (not a push over) and making him feel like he's the one for you will more than likely get you in front of a preacher or a judge. When a man loves a woman he's always ready for marriage he'll beg, borrow, steal, work two jobs and cut hair on the side to make it happen with the women that has stolen his heart. It's not that he may not be ready for marriage, maybe he's just that ready for marriage to the woman he was with and when the relationship ended and he found "THE ONE" and he locked her down (got endgaged) and married her.

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