Minaj Confronts Racist Double Standards Black Women Deal With.

Posted by Ria, 13 Oct 16

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, rapper Nicki Minaj pointed out the racist double standards black women face.

According to her, white women are exempted from lots of criticism black women are subjected to. When a white woman poses nude, she is hailed for it. But when a black woman does it, its trashy.

Minaj makes reference to the infamous nude selfie of Kim Kardashian West which people praised. Sharon Osbourne also said that Kim's selfie inspired her to tweet out her own nude selfie which made her feel liberated. But when it came to Nicki Minaj's cover image of her single "Anaconda", Osbourne said, "That looks like a cheap porno cover of a DVD... I love women's bodies. I love nudity, but that is cheap."

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During the interview Minaj asked Marie Claire, "So it wasn't trashy and raunchy when a white woman did it, but it was when a black woman did it?" Well, according to her, this is "quite pathetic and sad" but she has gotten used to it and she just shuts it down.

Much as Minaj has always confronted these biases head-on, her message seems to be misinterpreted. Nicki has always had to confront the sad fact that people see her as a sexual object that anyone can have access to.

But such is life. All one is left to wonder is: Why the double standards? But I guess is all about the media's portrayal of beauty - white is beautiful; black... not so much. So sad and pathetic indeed.

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  1.   rensational says:
    Posted: 15 Oct 16

    I haven't seen the images of white female celebs posing because...well...I don't go around looking for/at stuff like that. But, sorry--all that's missing in Nicki's image is a stripper pole. It is trashy and classless. Personally, I wish all of these women would keep their clothes on and stop sexualizing themselves and then whining about how people respond, and I know that a lot of white people are racist and have double standards. All of the features people find attractive about the Kardashians are features they don't like on black women, for one. But still, this issue with Nicki is one I'm not sure is about racist double standards.

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