Once she goes black...

Posted by Ria, 17 Jul 12

… she never goes back or can't go back?

The thing is, the saying "…NEVER goes back" is based on some stereotypes about black men and their sexual prowess and endowment. And like they say, stereotypes must come from somewhere.

On the other hand, there are those people who believe that once a non-black woman dates a black man or black men, it's never about her NEVER going back willingly, they think she never goes back because she CAN'T go back … as in: CAN'T go back to her family because she has been disowned …CAN'T go back because non black men can't compete with the sexual prowess of black men… CAN'T go back because White men, Chinese men don’t want her after she has been with black men because black men use white women sexually … they pass them around.

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What are you looking for?

Is it true that most non black men don’t wanna date their women who have been in interracial relationships with black men?

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  1.   Kelli_00 says:
    Posted: 22 Jul 12

    As a nonblack female who has been married and dated exclusively Black Men for over 26 years I can definitely add an experienced opinion.... I am approached by men of ALL color... I make it very clear that I am attracted only to Black Men... most men, take it for what it is but there have been times when a rude comment was said afterward... and only through the protective barrior of a keyboard on another online dating site, which I since have stopped using. Whenever a comment was made about my preferences, I just laugh and ignore... I could definitely lower my mental attitude and school a few on a few things... but why is it important what this closed minded individual's opinion is of my preference? It's NOT that serious.... So with that beging said... I continue to date Black Men because they are who I am attracted to mentally, physically, socially and sexually.... Never once have I "gone back" ... why mess up a good thing? LOL

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    • cuckold1983 says:
      Posted: 05 Aug 12

      hy kelli i like ur reply go for it girl ,i'm a white man and i respect ur choice ,i love watching interracial porn (white women/black men) i confess that they are bigger and have more stamina than us i think every woman should try black ,and have a regular black lover and a good understaindable white husband like me.

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    • inuri says:
      Posted: 15 Oct 12

      very true, i am a white woman almost exclusively attracted to black men, not only just because i am but because, they seem to be attracted to me, white men just dont check me out it seems, black men do every time. But i think to myself, im an attractive woman, im sure there are white men looking at me, then it dawned on me....when white men check me out they are not brazen, they check me out in a shy manner when im not looking, or they look at me and it was a check, but i thought they just glanced cuz of the movement from the corner of their eyes...black men check me out with meaning and pourpose, they want me to know without question that they want me. That is the confidence a black man holds that i have not experienced in any other race, and i dont think ill ever go back. They seem to be much more intuitive and comfortable with their own bodies and this makes them exude a certainty about themselves that translates in the bedroom. They know when to go hard and when to slow it down. It has nothing to do with penis size. I dated an indian man and we werent having sex for 2 months. The black man after him was smaller than he, but the passion and confidence during sex was unreal! as far as my family others goes, no one would ever think i was damaged goods from being with a black man or that, no one would want to follow a black man. ive just never surrounded myself with people who thought that way. Thats silliness.

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  2.   NOPLAYER says:
    Posted: 20 Jul 12

    The question should be, “why would she want to go back to such a “wimp minded” man?” If a man is truly confident with his own sexual prowess and endowment the last thing on his mind would be how endowed or sexually potent the last man was. If he’s not confident in his own sexual prowess he may reject her for having been with BM, as if she’s somehow devalued as a result but the real issue is he’s unsure if he’ll measure up to the BM she was with. This speaks volumes about the man or men who think along these lines. I remember this blk WWII veteran told me how the white GI’s used to tell the European ladies not to date the blk GI’s because they grew tails once it got dark. This is nothing more than a way of saving face and some did it then and some still do it today. Ria you are correct, stereotypes do come from somewhere but I doubt very seriously they came from non-BW telling of their sexual encounters with BM and how potent and endowed they were. Remember, historically women didn’t control the print media and they wouldn’t dare discuss these things in public, so who started this fascination or fear with BM and their sexual prowess? I’m willing to bet it was non-BM who were fearful or fascinated (how sick) by the BM and his sexual prowess. Now deal with that!

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  3.   NaijaBabe11 says:
    Posted: 18 Jul 12

    I'll have to co-sign with Scandiblond. Besides, people who think like this happen to be the most insecure, also. Not every single black man is "hung". I know of a few White and Asian males who can satisfy women very well ;)

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    • reese says:
      Posted: 21 Jul 12

      Not only are not all bm well hung. But penis size doesn't translate to good sex. Some men are worried about that and their are alot of men in all races who are small, large and everything in between. My best sexual experience wasn't with my largest partner.

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  4.   Scandiblond says:
    Posted: 17 Jul 12

    Don't think thats the case..at least not with a friend of mine.. My friend( white) was married with a black man and had 2 kids with him..they divorced and she later married a white man..no issues about who she been with or the kids. Then again there are people who think differently but to me they are small minded.

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