Online dating: How to polish your online profile

Posted by Ria, 02 Jun

Dating can be a pain. From dance clubs, to the bar scene or even a setup by your best friend, it's difficult to find authenticity when getting to know someone new.

Online dating, once an oddity, has evolved into something of the norm. One reason for this is that it's easier to go on a date with someone when you know you have a few things in common. But how much should you divulge on your profile and what traits are others seeking?

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Here are some tips to polish your profile while staying safe at the same time.

1. Be Different

First up is the simplest of ideas, but sometimes it's easier said than done. Set yourself apart from the herd. When you think about your interests and what you enjoy doing, it's easy to fall on the old-standbys. Anyone who has even dabbled in online dating has seen the, "I love to travel and live life in the present moment," profile. This is what you want to avoid. Most people like to travel, and most people like the idea of living in the moment. They also like music, laughing and staying up late watching their favorite television shows on Netflix. So get specific.

If you love to travel, what do you like about it? Maybe you're a bird watcher who has traveled to Costa Rica for a chance to see the resplendent quetzal, or maybe you hobby as a geologist and have traveled Nepal for views of the Himalayas. Whatever your interests, specifics are important and can tell others far more about you than generalizations.

2. Avoid Too Many Details

Never forget that strangers are reading your profile, and never allow anyone to deduce your place of work, home address, or any personal contact information based on details that you include that may be too specific. It's important to remember that predators lie in wait.

While specifics are important when it comes to showing your personality, don't divulge too much. Not only could excessive information potentially scare prospects away, it could also be dangerous.

There are a lot of different kinds of identity theft, and it's a good idea to proceed with caution and understand your risks. Visit LifeLock where you can find details on what kinds of information can lead to identity theft through an online dating profile.

3. Focus on Yourself

People who read your profile are wondering how you might fit into their lives, so give them a thorough idea of who you are, not just what you're seeking.

Many online daters make the mistake of taking up too much space on their page by writing about what they're looking for in another person (or what kind of person they don't want), when the real spotlight should be on themselves. Think of it as an 80-20 ratio, recommends Profile Polish: 80 percent of your profile should be stories and details about yourself, while 20 percent should be about what you're looking for in a partner.

Lastly, don't just get your profile up and wait for others to come to you. Be proactive and browse the profiles of others who stand out to you as well. Be alert for prospects who share common interests with you (the specific ones, not the generalities!), and be open-minded as you move through the online dating process.

And if you can't do this by yourself, you could always employ the services of a Dating Coach. Let's know how it works out. Have fun dating...

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