Online dating toasting to love

Posted by Ria, 30 Apr

Have you noticed the metamorphoses that online dating is going through lately? The dating sites are coming up with quite innovative ideas when it comes to pairing people. It’s not the same profiling that we were used to. People are getting quite creative with this business. Everything is being done to actually turn the ‘let your fingers do the walking’ business to something as conventional and as realistic as possible.

Remember the article on 'online dating-money and looks'? Well most are definitely realizing that people actually look for something specific in an individual and dating sites are coming up with interesting approaches of pairing individuals and catering for their tastes. Ever come across such sites that profile people in somewhat queer profiles?

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I came across an article talking about a dating site pairing people by favorite drinks. It’s dubbed Let's Grab A Drink. This Minneapolis-based dating service works by pairing people who share the same drink characteristics… Some would describe themselves as "martini," others “fine wine/champagne," to the energetic "sports drink."

"Nearly everyone enjoys meeting over their beverage," John Mamalakis the site creator said. "It can also serve as a great starting point for a great conversation."

Well, I found that a bit weird at first but come to think of it, all these sites seem to be working towards one similar goal… getting people together based on their interests. So does it really matter how these soul searching individuals get profiled… money, looks, drinks or otherwise? Is it corny for one to want some icing on to that cake by stating clearly that besides searching for love, they need a drop down dead gorgeous millionaire who drinks Bacardi?

Am a 'martini'. What are you? Lets get our drink on... cheers ;)

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  1.   Waylon says:
    Posted: 22 May 07

    You may find this funny. I make home-made wine. It was passed down from grandpa on the farm. But I do it so well I cant drink most of it. Its a tad strong for me. But my friends love it, so I make it for holidays and gifts. I am a social drinker. I stick to beer, whisky sours, screwdrivers, mudslides, apple martinis (so what if im a guy, i have a sweet tooth), and cranberry and vodka. My shot days are over, I can still recover, but it slows the sex down, and sex is much more fun than drinking. Btw, Ria is cute, any chance shes single? LoL... If anyone wants some wine, drop a note in here and I will see if I can help you out.

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  2.   Coco says:
    Posted: 17 May 07

    I am all for this! I think its a great idea. I happen to be a tequila drinker, and the guy I am dating is also. The drink ws not what I found interesting about him. The fact that he was funny as heck did it for me. We are having a fun time getting to know each other, and we both love FOOTBALL! Besides, you don't have to get DRUNK to enjoy yourself when you go out. I'm a quiet drinker...I like to do it in the comfort of my own home and only on weekends so I am not endangering anyone or my daughter :)

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  3.   The_Dude says:
    Posted: 07 May 07

    Fala you have lovely skin so I don't think you drink anything heavier than iced tea :) I like beer, a man of simple tastes for sure and I don't necessarily desire a woman who also likes beer. For one thing I don't want her farting like 1 of my mates! More importantly, what if she's into lagers and you're into stouts? Maybe she likes her beers a bit warmer than you, perhaps she even outdrinks you! Couples have divorced over much less serious challenges. Then there's the inevitable arguments about which country/brand has the best beer commercials. For the record it has to be this - . Admittedly after a few beers I'll laugh at anything. Yep you put alcohol into a relationship and I just don't think it works out...

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  4.   fala says:
    Posted: 03 May 07

    Finding common ground is one of the easiest ways to break the ice with someone new. And what's more relaxing than sitting around having a few of your favorite drinks and making new friends?

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  5.   mossimo says:
    Posted: 30 Apr 07

    I like sipping mai tais in Hawaii...any takers?? hehe

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