How to be the perfect single dad [VIDEO]

Posted by Ria, 26 Jul

Check out how these single dads are taking matters into their own hands

These single dads are actually learning how to braid hair. o Single dads are usually faced with a big dilemma when they are forced to take matters into their own hands. Literally. And the dilemma comes with having to deal with your daughter’s hair.

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We all know being a single parent isn’t an easy thing. It’s hard enough trying to figure out how to be single. Now imagine being a father to a daughter. How do you begin taking care of their hair?

Well, Darious Bland found himself in such a fix seven years ago. And ever since, he has found a way to make it work when it comes to styling his daughter’s hair.

When he became a single dad then, he had no clue on how to do his daughter’s hair. But being the devoted father he is, Bland took it upon himself to learn. And today, this Alabama dad is teaching his fellow single dads a few tricks on styling daughters’ hairs which he has picked along the way.

“Can Daddy Do My Hair?” is the hair workshop that Bland held on May 21. The main aim of this event was to share his knowledge with fellow single dads on how to style their daughter’s hair; especially the black hair. 12 dads showed up for the event with their daughters aged between 3-10. And during the event, Bland gave them guidance on how to navigate this difficult part of their daughter’s grooming.

This is a woman’s’ field. But seeing dads taking such interest in learning what moms go through is amazing. “They didn’t understand the frustration that mothers have to go through while doing their daughters’ hair,” said Bland.

Bland is not the only father to do this. There have been various videos making rounds over the internet of fathers who are styling their daughter’s hairs. And much as Bland admits he still has a thing or two to learn, he posted videos of this workshop on the workshop’s Facebook page with tutorials detailing how to go about this.

Phil Morgese of Daytona Beach is another single dad who also learned how to do his daughter’s hair and started a class to assist other fathers like him to learn the trick. Morgese became a single parent when he was awarded full custody of his daughter, Emma when she was 1. He admits to having no clue about fixing her hair. And as he put it, he “decided to wing it”.

Apparently, her hair was full on her head by then. It was even getting into her eyes. He had to learn how to fix hair clips on her. He even “carried them everywhere in [his] pockets”. And after he discovered hair gel, he felt he was a hair guru. He could do ponytails and French braids. So he decided to share his skills with other dads.

In late 2015, Morgese started the “Daddy Daughter Hair Factory”. This bi-weekly factory was free. Dads are taught everything hair; from detangling hair to coiling hair into buns. And the dads get to bond with their kids and fellow single fathers. And guess what? It hit instantly.

Ever since hundreds of fathers have gone through his class. And not just single dads; even married ones. Morgese didn’t just stop at Daytona Beach. He has done it in 13 other states, enabling them to start daddy-daughter hair clubs.

“I’m more than happy to share what I’ve learned, mainly because of the fun that the dads and the girls get to have together. The dads become more confident, so that makes them better dads. And the daughters adore their dads even more for taking the time to learn how to do their hair. It’s a win-win for everyone,” he told People.

Morgese has been an inspiration to so many days. And they agree that it’s not easy starting out. But over time, the styling skill kicks in. And it’s not just about doing their kid’s hair. These dads are creating bonds with their lil’ girls. And one married nurse, Josh Wikel attests to this. It’s fun he says.

On hair making, he says: “I used to bungle that one big time until I learned a cool way to do it with a comb. Now it’s much neater.” And Morgese admits it's made them closer.

Being single isn’t a handicap. So, take the hair challenge single dads!!!

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