Rob Kardashian shows special gifting skills this Valentine's day

Posted by Ria, 15 Feb 16

"Happy Valentine's Day ❤," wrote Blac Chyna on her Instagram. In front of her... a vase of dozens and dozens of red roses. And the man behind the humongous bouquet: Rob Kardashian.

This Valentines day, Rob sure went big gifting his relatively new girlfriend Blac... An hour later, a huge personalized painting was revealed. Talk of special gift giving; the Keeping up with the Kardashian star seems to have the gifting department all figured out.

"Look at this really nice painting my babe got for me?" said Blac in her Instagram video. "If you look really close, it's actually lyrics to our song. Happy Valentine's Day Rob!" (the song being the lyrics to John Legend's "The Beginning.")

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rob chyna flowers

Much as most of Rob's family members aren't so thrilled about this budding romance sources say that Chyna has been a very big part of Rob's journey towards bettering himself health wise and apparently, "She makes him feel really good and sexy... She gives him a lot of sexual attention."

The personalized gift giving couldn't have been whole without Rob sealing it all with a Valentine's Day kiss! What a lovely way to end such a romantic day.

rob chyna flowers

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  1. Posted: 29 Feb 16

    Beautifully said and done xO <3

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  2.   clueless27 says:
    Posted: 18 Feb 16

    They are pretty cute together tbh

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