Signals that your partner is ready for the big move

Posted by Liam, 04 Jan

You have been in a committed relationship for a while. And you are probably entertaining the thought of moving in together. Everything is great. The time feels right. But does your partner really want the move? Are there hints and signs you should be looking out for in order to be sure that they are as ready as you are?

Dropping hints like…

It would be nice not to have to move between apartments just to be with one another. I feel so comfortable when I am at your apartment. These are some of the hints that will make you know that they want to spend more than just weekends with you. They want you full time.

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What are you looking for?

They go out of their way to spend more than just the weekend nights with you.

Its normal to want to spend time with your partner. But if someone insists on making it a daily affair, then it means things have become more serious and they probably want to take it to the next level. Clearly, they want to play house.

Buying stuff for your apartment and reorganizing furniture

Ladies are guilty of this one. So if your lady starts buying futons and extra throw pillows for your bed, then they want the place to be as homely and comfortable for them. Take a hint bro. At the same time, if your dude buys the latest humongous flat screen TV for your house in the name of "wanting to enjoy his sports better" when he is at your place, that's a hint too.

They directly ask you about moving in together

Well, what more are you waiting for. The thing however is not to feel pressured by this. Consider your own feelings about the whole idea of cohabiting. If you are not ready, let them know from the word go and give your reasons why. IF there is a possibility that the timing isn't right for you, let them know that its an idea you are considering in the future. Don’t string them along only to flake a week to the big move.

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