Singer Zendaya Claims Racist Treatment at a Store

Posted by Ria, 12 Sep 16

20-year-old singer Zendaya Coleman claims that a woman at the checkout point at Vons supermarket disrespected her because of her skin color.

Zendaya had gone to the big grocery store on Tuesday to buy gift cards worth $400. While checking out, the clerk at the register refused to assist her. Apparently the woman tossed her wallet back and forth in a manner likely to suggest that she couldn't afford the gift cards. Luckily a manager at the store stepped in and assisted with processing the purchase.

One of the store representative however denied the claims that the checkout lady refused to assist Zendaya based on her race. Apparently the store has a limit of $200 for gift cards on their customer's credit cards and according to the rep, that was the basis of their disagreement. The manager however made an exception for her, allowing her to use her credit card to purchase the $400 worth of gift cards.

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The singer recently announced that she will soon be launching her clothing line: Daya by Zendaya.

Do you think her racism claims hold any water or was it just a misunderstanding?

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