Steve Harvey gives women some "Straight Talk"

Posted by Ria, 08 Dec 10

Straight Talk No ChaserThousands of women lined up in Augusta, Ga for hours, just to say "Hi" to a man who through his literature, has given women a glimpse into the minds of men where love, sex, dating, and marriage are concerned. And besides having their books signed, some just wanted to hit on this man who truly cares about women ;-) .

Well, that’s Steve Harvey for you. The 53 year-old comedian – who looks nothing like his age (drool)- has hit the literary field again with a new book Straight Talk, No Chaser: How to Find, Keep, and Understand a Man because he realized his successful Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man - a book that is still sizzling hot in terms of sales and popularity - simply wasn’t enough for women to understand men. According to an excerpt on ABC News, Harvey says…

… no matter how thoroughly I thought I'd explained what motivates men, women still had innumerable questions about why we men act and react the way we do in various romantic situations. If I told a group of women that men are driven solely by what they do for a living, how much they make, and who they are, women wanted to know why stability is more important to men than falling in love. If I said men show their love by providing for, professing to, and protecting their significant other, my audience wanted to know why men can't love the way women love—by leading with their hearts. For every question I answered in the chapter, “Quick Answers to the Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask”… there were fifty more topics I hadn't addressed.

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With the realization that "women are absolutely the most inquisitive creatures God has created" he had no choice but to offer more by taking this understanding-men business to much deeper levels with this new publication. It is way blunter than the first one, touching on the questions women had after reading Act Like a Lady, Think like a Man. He says: "This book is the non-watered-down version of what I was trying to say in the first one. ... I want women to dig deeper, sooner rather than later, so they can find out the truth before it's too late. I'm trying to teach them how to hear what a man is saying. They have to learn our language."

But will this book top its 2009 mega best seller predecessor? Well, Harvey inst sure either. He says: "It makes me nervous. Trying to top the first one just about froze me from writing the second." He is hoping that this book will get his message across plain and simple coz it is meant to be the last on the subject.

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  1.   philadiva14 says:
    Posted: 06 Jan 11

    I agree with you 2sexyb. I think Steve Harvey is using his knack for comedy and his already established audience to make a profit. I'm not knocking his hustle but I would implore both men and women to employ some common sense before buying his 'advice' lock, stock and barrel. He makes some good points but they almost always appear to be framed in such a way that the onus is on women because men will be men. *super duper side eye to that mess* I also agree with what you said about integrity and dignity. Sadly though, we know that there are many people without either. They can't behave complete and whole because they simply aren't. The good thing is when one is willing to pay attention to what IS rather than what they would like it to be, those without integrity or dignity show themselves soon enough.

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  2.   2sexyb says:
    Posted: 02 Jan 11

    Keep in mind that the "game" has changed and not many people are listening. Steve Harvey is a salesman and a clown by nature and for profit. You are both correct. Steve Harvey caters to his $$$$$$. He is an entertainer. Although I have decided that I would give online dating a chance, the forums are the best part. If people would live with integrity and love and treat each other with a spirit of dignity and act like complete and whole beings that are willing to give and receive love in harmony and peace, problem solved. This is Steve Harvey's third marriage. Who is he to give marriage advice? Baby Mama(s) drama and divorce settlements, child support, multiple children to still parent... If he is the example of the prize that women are trying of catch, I would catch another type of fish and use other bait at another fishing whole. When a real woman is in the presence of real men, hey rush to her defense. No tricks. Men really became an optional element a long time ago. His comedy is great and profitable.

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  3.   himone says:
    Posted: 29 Dec 10

    @ vet1diva I thought long and hard on the topic mr Harvey presenting to women. I still will tell you that it is not from the POV of all men of african decent including myself. Harvey does have some good points and if a woman want to listen to his advise that is fine. I have to tell you that if a woman is going to put me thru the things mr Harvey said to do. I will be more incline to go elsewhere to find love. One of the main things I disagree with him is that he talk about professing, providing and protecting. I agree with two of the three(protect and provide) but the other one (profess)is not warranted in a man love towards a woman. If you truly want to know when a man love you he will be four things to you in this order: partner-a person who have your back, stands by you even if you are in the wrong, provide-this is a man that give you the basics things a woman need to survive: food, shelter and food. this might not be the grestest of luxury this world knows but it is modest in means of survival. protect-no matter what is going on with any issue going on in today world and around you he is putting your safety first even before his own. the last but not least is lover- he will lover you regardless any condition happen to you be it medical, mental physical this man is loving you as a woman cause you are you and not what between your legs or what you do in bed. I you really want to grab a book on black men. Grab the book by haki mahadbuti: black men: single, dangerous and obsolete. it tells you the tale of black men from young manhood to a married man to the man in his elderly state. So diva if yo ubuying the first book chapter 15 is the one i agreee with the most. the second book is utterly bull but just going over chapter 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 12. which these chapter is the man ones talking about dead beat men.

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  4.   vet1diva says:
    Posted: 29 Dec 10

    Damn??? Then I guess I should read the book to understand where you coming from young brother. Tell me this, did you note steve's speaking from a mature male prospective. Just Checking

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  5.   himone says:
    Posted: 24 Dec 10

    no how much i like steve harvey i have to tell all the women who have and try to follow his rules is going to be let down terribly. mind you he have good points but a whole lot o f bad ones at that. as i read his first and finished his second i am going damn he just selling these women a book of garbage and not totally giving them a solution to why they are single and men are not committing to them whole heartly. he is basing most of the things in his book off relatioinship (which there is three, twice divorced) and his ghost writer is making most of the decision about the male/female relationship. which i think is wrong. like in chapter 12 steve title this chapter the art of the deal. the subtitle is how ro get whatyou want out of a man. now i dont know about you ladies is this truly the art of the deal.? to get what you want out of a man. i think the art of the deal is to have a happy healthy relationship with your man and men with their woman. so he make a relationship seem easy but i would not take the advice of a man who has failed twice. for one time is a mistake but the second time is on purpose. and if it happen again it is just a game. like steve harvey but he is wrong on so many terms and he should at least write a book on how men really feel about women and critique what the men mean about their answer. until he does that its not straight talk it just one person telling you what you want to hear.

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  6.   kissime says:
    Posted: 10 Dec 10

    I don't need a dating coach. I get along great with men who abide by my rules!! HA!!!! Just do what you're told!! I'm just kidding :/

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    • jahsymeon says:
      Posted: 17 Dec 10

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      • chocolate09 says:
        Posted: 18 Dec 10

        LOL....somebody must have done you wrong to make you this bitter. You sound worse than a whiny female.

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