"The Bachelor" racial discrimination suit thrown out!

Posted by Ria, 17 Oct

Bad news for two African American bachelors: Christopher Johnson and Nathaniel Claybrooks of Nashville who not too long ago, filed a class-action lawsuit against ABC’s "The Bachelor" reality TV show claiming the show turned them away because they weren’t White. For seasons on end, the show has always given the leading role to White men and women. The case has been thrown out!

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Tennessee judge Aleta A. Trauger officially dismissed the case on the grounds of the First Amendment – Freedom of speech saying the producers of the dating show cannot be coerced into casting their show in a particular way; as well as invoked the "void-for-vagueness" doctrine saying: "...the court finds that the casting decisions are part and parcel of the creative process behind a television program - including the Shows at issue here - thereby meriting First Amendment protection against the application of anti-discriminating statutes to that process." She went further using “The Cosby Show” as an example explaining it’s that same Freedom of Speech that made it possible for the show to have an all-Black cast and "why "Jersey Shore" can cast all-Italians ... and why "Shahs of Sunset" can cast all-Persians."

ABC and the other defendants also argued that subjecting casting to anti-discrimination laws would also have an impact on many television outlets.A representative of Warner Bros, the company that produces the show told TMZ: "We felt from the onset this case was completely without merit and we are pleased the Court has found in our favor."

So, does this ruling and the comments by the rep confirm that the show intentionally picks Whites for the leading role so that they don’t alienate their “predominantly white viewership”? Does it mean the show is intentionally discriminatory against people of color? It’s a dating show man! Am sure many women would want the chance to be picked by some hot Black bachelor right?

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  1.   Curreous1 says:
    Posted: 08 Nov 12

    The Republican party recently learned a valuable lesson about our wonderful nation and that is...the face of society is changing. The faces are now Latino, African American, Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, African, West Indian, East Indian, etc. If this show is going to be successful, sooner or later (hopefully sooner) it will learn that it must be more inclusive of different cultures and ethnicities. It must show a variety of people that represent its viewers. Society,more importantly, viewers are not just white women and white men. I, for one don't watch the show because it does not represent me or real people. If you feel so strongly against the show, do as we do in Washington, Dc...boycott the show or sue the producers.

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  2.   Kaye says:
    Posted: 18 Oct 12

    This is gradually becoming a norm. Here in Britain the main stream media spearhead by BBC has boycotted everything to do with black people. Journalist have secretly been asked not to promote anything to do with us. If the need be - they would rather import a black American to part take in a discussion or a show than a black British. Unfortunately the economy of black people in Britain is not as strong. This is my suggestion. Why don't we encourage the black media houses in the states to expand into Europe. This will put a subtle pressure on both America and Europe to promote and uphold this anti discrimination laws from both sides of the Atlantic. Having said this, I think this guys should appeal against the judges decision on the grounds of affirmative.

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  3.   arlandf says:
    Posted: 17 Oct 12

    Here is my thing on this topic, black people especially black men have to promote their own image. Whenever the media promote us, we are in a position that white society doesn't feel threatened. My thing for these brothers: 1. Get a bunch of other black men (not the thugs, not the deadbeats, or the effeminate) and put their money and minds together. 2. Talk to either one of these black channels, preferable TV One to see if they can get a deal. See some whites complain about why there is a BET but not a WET? They have WET it is called CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX. If they do this, they will not need to worry about discrimination. This is what Spike Lee did, this is what John Singleton did, I am not a fan of Tyler Perry but this is what he did. In closing, black men, promote don't wait for mainstream media to promote our image, it is up to us to promote our own image.

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