The negative term "Halfbreed" turned positive!

Posted by Ria, 30 Sep

Halfbreed! Who wants to be called that to their faces even if mixed race?

Well, Rudy Tee, founder of the Halfbreed Clothing Co. adopted the name while growing up; a name used by his peers to make fun of him for being mixed (Filipino/African American/Cherokee). "At the time, I felt like I was the only mixed race person in school, fitting in was an issue, so I got used to doing my own thing, my own way," Rudy tells the Hollywood Weekly Magazine.

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The brand Halfbreed and the clothing line...are being used to change and reclaim that traditional negative term that has been used for years to ridicule and make the mixed race and those in interracial relationships feel out of place. The thing with the Half Breed Clothing line is: it represents the multicultural individuals, families and lifestyles.With the concept of "I am a Brand" its all about being proud of who you are, seeing no color lines and letting the brand speak for you and "RepYoSelf!"

Rudy identifies with the rejection, isolation and racism that mixed race individuals and interracial couples may have to face from relatives. In his case, his Filipino family didn’t accept his daughter because to them, she wasn’t Filipino/Black enough.

According tothe Hollywood Weekly Magazine, Rudy envisions this brand, Halfbreed, "as an easy way for individuals to break out of their shell and be proud of who they are – no questions asked." And that is what he himself did. Instead of feeling sorry and angry for what he was, he decided to "Rep" himself by creating a shirt for the family Halfbreed. And before long, mixed race individuals are approaching him with : "Where did you get that? … can you make me one"? And that’s when he spotted a business opportunity.

But are we ready for a mixed race/ multi ethnic lifestyle clothing brand? How can we not be with the explosion of the mixed race and multi-ethnic population? The thing is: Halfbreed Clothing Co. is all about providing quality apparel in the latest style for mixed race people, families and interracial couples; the number of races you come in don't matter. ;-) What matters is: Unity, peace and love in such a multicultural society. Its all about raising awareness and building a sense of identity.

Ruby is very passionate about his brand and the message behind it which speaks volumes to individuals the world over. And even if it represents interracial relations and mixed race individuals, the HalfBreed line speaks to everyone. Since its launch in March 2011, Halfbreed Clothing company has become a hit to bloggers and even celebrities; with the message of "One Love" and "RepYoself" (the multicultural movement) driving the brand. People are proud to be mixed. And those who aren't are supporting it.

The message in all this is: Its not about color lines. Whether you are mixed race or not, embrace who you are and share the Halfbreed Clothing experience with all around you.

To get this hot merchandize - tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies for men women and kids, visit the Halfbreed online store. You are a brand. "RepYoSelf"

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    Nice initiative

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