The world's tallest married couple is interracial

Posted by Ria, 26 Jan 16

Keisha and Wilco Van Kleef-Bolton are an interracial couple that attracts so much attention. The attention doesn’t only come from being an interracial couple, but mainly because they are the world’s tallest married couple. Combined, their height is more than 13ft.

Keisha and Wilco are Guinness World Record holders for being the tallest married couple; with Keisha being 6”5 and Wilco 7”. The pair are way taller than the standard sized door frames. And when their story was first brought to light in 2010, they had to sleep with their feet hanging off the bed because their master bedroom could only fit a standard sized bed.

Well, nothing is standard for this couple. For Wilco to get his size 15 shoes, he has to shop on specialist sites for American basketball players and his clothes are custom-made. Keisha also has trouble finding clothes long enough for her 38 inch legs saying: “'I use normal women's dresses as shirts because they come up so short.” It’s a challenge flying economy class because the leg room isn’t enough for them.

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The couple have accepted their height. But the world still stares.

“… of course we get a lot of attention when we're out. But there are perks - I never have to use a stepladder to reach the top shelf," said Keisha.

In 2012, the couple welcomed their 3rd child, 9.2lb, 56cm son, Jonah. At the time, their other son, Lucas, 6, was already 4ft 5.5in - the typical height of an 11-year-old. Their daughter Eva, 4, was 3ft 7in - the typical height of a five-year-old.

Keisha said: "I love being a mum and I love watching my children grow up tall like their parents. We would love to be the world’s tallest family - but we’ve a way to go yet." Well, if genetics serves them right, they will definitely be the world's tallest family; the world's tallest interracial family.

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  1.   jamgirl207 says:
    Posted: 25 May 16

    They are a cute pair. Nice,''''

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  2.   brit_brit04 says:
    Posted: 09 May 16


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  3.   luvgluve says:
    Posted: 21 Feb 16

    Tall, short, fat, beautiful, or homely, good luck!

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  4.   flaffy says:
    Posted: 15 Feb 16

    I have been on the site for over a year now and I kept wondering maybe it's my height that keeps pushing away man or my body type.but am happy because I be some hope of not giving because of this couple.

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  5.   DC- says:
    Posted: 13 Feb 16

    Congratulations Keisha & Wilco for making Guinness history!

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  6.   breza says:
    Posted: 01 Feb 16

    Been on this site for a few month's and have not met anyone who is looking for something real.

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  7.   Mosiah7 says:
    Posted: 30 Jan 16

    I'm surprised that guy is 7 ft tall and only wears a size 15 in shoes. Shaquille O'Neal is the same height and wears a size 22. I guess it's really true when some say it's not what you have but what you do with it!

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  8.   ladybarb says:
    Posted: 29 Jan 16

    That was an interesting article. It's nice to see that they are raising a family and proud to be who they are. They certainly are an attractive couple. Best wishes to them and I wish them decades and decades and decades and decades of love and devotion.

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