Today Show Hair Makeover on Black Woman Gone Bad

Posted by Ria, 12 Aug 16

When the Today show aired a segment dubbed “easy and effortless” summer hairstyles, the reaction to it wasn't positive because the segment took an unfortunate twist.

See, the segment featured a black woman, Jewelry designer Malyia McNaughton, who came to the show with an amazing natural curls hairdo - seeing as she was gonna be on a show viewed by millions of people. Stylist and YouTube personality Deepica Mutyala was meant to show viewers how easy one can style their hair in under a minute; even when you are going about your day (say after the beach). Unfortunately, the results after working her supposed magic on McNaughton were nothing but horrendous to say the least. It seems the easy hairstyles aren't so easy after all.

Watch video to see how she looked before the show...

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As always, the internet was merciless about it... People took to Twitter and Facebook demanding an apology from Mutyala

"The girls' hair looked better b4 she put her..."

"Did u see the girls expression? She was manhandling the poor girl... The only thing she accomplished..."

Clearly, the segment didn't go as planned and Mutyala said so herself. On the other hand, McNaughton took to her defense saying:

“I had no idea my first television experience would be such a memorable one. As an emerging model, the opportunity to be asked to tape for the Today show was a dream come true. Deepica is a true sweetheart and people should not come down on her this harsh. Backstage we practiced the style, it came out right and we expected the same results for the live taping. Unfortunately, with only 60 seconds allotted, the pressure was on and it did not come out how either of us expected.

However, there are no hard feelings on my part, as I know her truest intentions were never to make a fool out of me. The goal for the segment was to show inclusion and diversity. Often times, black women are not included in segments as such, so to be that catalyst for my people, rather some felt negatively about it or not, was truly amazing and I am grateful again for the opportunity.”

Mutyala also apologized for what happened saying "I am a huge advocate for diversity so offending anyone breaks my heart".

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