Watch: "Don't Tip Black People" - Racist Couple Leaves Note for Waitress

Posted by Sidney, 11 Jan

There has been massive support for a waitress in Virginia after a white couple left a racist note for her on the receipt of their bill that read: "great service don't tip black people".

This is the kind of insult and blatant racism that Kelly Carter, who works at Anita’s in Ashburn, had to deal with after serving the white couple wholeheartedly. The couple who are in their 20s left her the note after paying their bill of $30.52, probably explaining they didn't leave her a tip because she is black.

Speaking to Washington’s News4, Carter expressed her shock over the note saying: "I looked at the receipt three times is what I did. Because I was shocked. Because I’ve never, never being a server seen that." Her manager Tom Tellez was also appalled by the racism displayed.

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Tellez told BBC that in support for Carter, YouCaring had raised over $1,200. Customers have also shown tremendous amount of support ever since the photo of the racist note she shared on Facebook went viral.

Cater said if they came back, she would gladly serve them. This is what she had to say about the note:

"He didn’t hurt me. He only hurt himself. He only makes us stronger. Just me serving them will let them know they did not get the best of me. And I truly mean that."

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  1. Posted: 17 Feb

    If I were the manager of that restaurant, I would've told the server that if the couple ever comes back, she must tell me, and I would tell them their business is not welcomed at this establishment. And if they asked me for a reason, I will show them the note, then tell them to leave.

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