Watch: What emojis actually mean?

Posted by Ria, 06 Sep 16

Do  you remember those long thin wooden thingies with a black tip that we used to write with? What was that all about?

I’m talking about pencils you dirty-minded human. They were the thing back in the day (3 years ago).

It is well known that time flies. Especially in recent years where a second seems like a century. Everything is changing. From the way we live to the things we use and the things that we discard as useless.

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Writings and signs were on earth by the time human was created. Oh the things people used to write down stuff… From stone, to lead, to ink, to pen, pencils, mechanical pencils, those annoying mechanical pencils that when you lost a part of it the whole thing got destroyed, typing machines, keyboards, digital keyboards… you get the grip.

What do you use today. Don’t lie you lazy human. You use your phone to write down stuff and communicate. Even a computer seems like a strenuous activity today. You use your phone to write to your favorite people, you use phones to write down notes, small passages, massive angry texts to send to your partner and a whole lot more.


The most astonishing thing is that after all those years of people creating civilizations and languages, perfecting them to the brim, people now use shortened words and symbols and all sorts of lazy actions to make their txt smaller… We all do. It’s practical. Unless it’s an over-dramatized post on social media. Texting has been around for some time, but what changed in the recent few, VERY few years was the use of emojis. And I’m not talking about the faces you used to make with brackets and dashes! :-)

I’m talking about the fancy ones! The ones you have on your phone that are colorful and everything. According to Oxford dictionary, the most used word of 2015 was the emoji tearing from laughing! Shocking? I know.

People now apparently make whole sentences with them describing everything. Not to lie, it is impressive how creative people get with emojis. But there are the few of us (or most of us according to popular opinion) that most of the times don’t know what the heck people are talking about.

Below there is a video by YouTuber Hannah Hart briefly explaining the meaning behind some of the emojis. But, again. Whaaat?

Got any tips for interpretation of emojis? Alright… I’ll see you when the power’s out and you run out of battery!

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