What would you want him to say you when you bare all for him?

Posted by Ria, 22 Mar

woman naked“Damn! You are Hot!”. That has always worked for me. But are those words enough for a woman who is poised and confident enough to strips down to her last piece of clothing just for you? Do women need more than just a "Wow"?

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Recent surveys show that many of us are insecure with ourselves and love to be showered with not just compliments... but enthusiastic compliments about our physical appearance. So, if a woman has to ask you how she looks after you have feasted your eyes on her naked body long enough, no matter how sincere you might be about it, it’s a bit too late and too hard to believe.

For one woman, its not about what the man says. For her, actions speak more: "If he can't keep his hands off you, I think that's the biggest compliment, really."

Sometimes, it’s very hard to know what a woman wants to hear. And at times, even some of the most well intended compliments fall victim of sounding cheesy and unbelievable. So, what should a man say to a woman’s glorious naked bod for the compliment to fly? And how should a man go about complimenting something he really finds sexy about the woman; something that she presumes to be her imperfection?

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  1.   SugahRush says:
    Posted: 06 Apr 11

    Much trust and commitment should be required to give another that level of access. Far from being prudish, it's good business. we dont allow "just anybody" to enter our clothes, cars, homes, or even our families without a high level of respect, trust and intimacy. To grant the privilege of sharing my body should DEFINITELY require more than that what is required for my "favorite suit"!!! Compliments are welcome, but if they're REQUIRED or if the only time/way to get them is to 'bare all", then there's something dreadfully wrong with my self-awareness & perception. However, to share such an intimate moment, occasion with a man who's heart I call "Home", is to understand that he has my highest level of trust and we've talked about it so that there are NO misunderstandings about our expectations. We are servants to each other, not just a passing fancy. A picture is worth a 1000 words--true! Actions speak louder than words-also true, but when you both combine ACTIONS, THOUGHTS & WORDS... THAT, my love, is a symphony...Let the dancing begin!!!

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  2.   CremeU says:
    Posted: 26 Mar 11

    Much as compliments go both ways, I always find it a bit cheesy telling a dude - Oh wow, you look so sexy. Damn! You are blessed. Its not being selfish on my part but I tend to think women need those compliments about their naked bodies more than men do. Plus how many times does a man get to undress when you are ogling him? Most of the time, they are the ones who get the pleasure of feasting their eyes on you as you undress. For me, showing me how irresistible I am by grabbing me and shuddering with every touch and kiss is convincing enough.

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  3.   Mychal67 says:
    Posted: 22 Mar 11

    "What she wants to hear"? I do believe this is a topoic that goes both ways. After all, men like to be complimented on their attributes just as much as women do. And those compliments may be verbal and/or physically communicated...both are quite nice ,and well recieved But in this case I can only offer this.... Honesty. ...do not say what you "think" she wants to hear. Say what your emotions take you too. There is beauty in all shapes and sizes. See it , appreciate it, communicate it and show those feelings without inhibition and with joy. For me, the step a woman takes when she decides the time is right for intimacy is as beautiful as the sexuality and physicality I see with my eyes, and this must be communicated with the same passion we are going to express to each other with our bodies.

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