What's making that climatic bliss suddenly elude you?

Posted by Ria, 14 Feb

elusive women orgasms"Oh baby! There. Don’t stop. Oh YES! YES! Yes? Almost… almost … almost… F***! It’s disappeared. I was this close. What just happened?"

That happens to quite a number of women; they get so close to a thigh-trembling climax that never gets to happens. I think this is by far the most frustrating thing I have ever experienced – and I think every woman who has ever gone through this can back me up. So what really happens between the breath-consuming-near orgasms-to having none at all?

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According to Megan Fleming, any tiny thought has the ability to squash even the most tremendous orgasms. She says: "When an intrusive or negative thought pops into your head, it can be almost impossible to get past it." Below are some of the "top mojo killers" that Cosmopolitan highlight in one of their articles:

"I have like, two years worth of laundry to do"

The moment your to-do list pops in your head, you are finished. Once you start going through the list of unfinished things that you haven’t got around to doing, you will just keep going and going. Fleming suggests an "out of sight out of mind" approach where you get rid of anything that will remind you of your unfinished business before you start getting it on. Otherwise, the down stairs business may become another unfinished business on your list.

"What is taking so damn long?!"

To be honest, I have experienced this one… worrying about when you are going to climax so much so that you lose that moment. Sometimes it happens when you are trying to get to the finish line at same time with guy. And suddenly, that climatic build up you’ve been experiencing dies a sudden death. Fleming dubs this as "spectatoring": "You’re observing yourself in the moment, rather than being present in it". Taking a deep breath is supposed to do the trick. And the other suggestion is to "…describe what you’re thinking or feeling out loud, even in a whisper… 'I love when you move your tongue like that' or 'Your body feels amazing on top of mine.' You’ll start experiencing pleasure rather than anticipating it".

The last mojo killer is being too conscious about some body part of yours especially when it’s the girl-on-top position. Much as this is the best position to facilitate a climax, the moment you start thinking about what he thinks of your not-so-up-here boobs or your wobbly tummy, screw that big O. See, when you are at it, most of the time the only thing that is running through your man’s mind is how sexy you look and how good you feel on him. And if that isn’t convincing enough, tweak your positions. The advice on Cosmo is to "stay in girl on top but extend yourself over your guy, so your body is less visible, or go with side-by-side booty, which covers you up yet keeps your hands free so you still have sexy control."

Let's hope with these tips, your "Oh Yes!!!" moments will stop turning to "Oh Crap." moments that warrant a fake-OH-gasm! OH! OH! Happy Valentines Day!

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  1.   ramoga says:
    Posted: 10 Apr 12

    I really agree with this article. Women go through that. I have been there. Sometimes, it can be the other partner. If a guy can not keep up with u during sex especially if u have a high sex drive that can happen too. In addition the more spice u add into sex the more exciting and fun it will be & tht will also make ur mind clear of other things more on what's goin on. I can go on but I would recommend reading cosmopolitan magazine. Always has good advice on sex.

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