When a man loves a woman (Video)

Posted by Ria, 24 Jun 16

Real men cry!

A touching tribute to love. YES YES YES! We need more of this in the world, when two people become one.

“I was thinking ‘My goodness.’ I was in total disbelief that this day had finally come,” Gabriel Deku told BuzzFeed. Well, this is a damn good reason for a man in love.

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[…] I was wrong! True love does exist.”

Their love is to die for.

Enough said… Enjoy!

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  1. Posted: 03 Aug 16

    I saw this video on FaceBook a couple months. His tears of joy was so genuine, I cried too. May this lovely couple have many, many years of joy, happiness, and love.

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  2.   Behrouz7 says:
    Posted: 25 Jun 16

    It was impressive!

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