White Men Paying to Cuddle with a Black Woman for the First Time

Posted by Ria, 12 Nov 16

Cuddling is something most people do with their special someones. I will have you know that there is a profession based on such a basic function and people pay for it.

Amaku Ukpong is a professional cuddler. Strangers who need physical non-sexual contact pay her to snuggle up next to her. Her business is in the Financial District of Manhattan which is dominated by white men. Ukpong recently revealed that most white males seek her service because they have never been in close contact with a black woman. They want to experience how it felt to touch a black woman.

In an interview with BET, she said: "... for them it’s new, it’s interesting. I get a lot who say, ‘I’ve never touched a Black woman before,’ because maybe it was something that wasn’t encouraged, or allowed growing up. And they think somehow it’s supposed to be different."

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One time, a client called her expressing his need to touch a black woman. He however seemed to have underlying ingenuous intentions saying "I’m curious cause you know what they say about Black women." Ukpong had to deny his application because her service is a non-sexual kind and the guy seemed to be looking to experience something more than just a black woman's touch.

Kan Seidel is Ukpong's colleague. He is a white man offering the same service. His business kicked off to a good start because it went viral a few months ago. Seidel has had women of color paying for his service. And given the history of slavery, how white men used to rape women of color, some people feel this is a service women of color need.

Ukpong says:

"I’ve had two Black women book my services. I actually just recently had a session with one of them, and what I’m beginning to understand is that women of color definitely need support in a place that’s safe because traditionally, women of color have not been safe in the arms of white men."

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