Why do they marry the person they date after you break up?

Posted by Ria, 22 Dec 10

Ever found yourself in a situation where your ex gets married to the person they date right after you? Well its never an easy thing to deal with. Now imagine this happening to all your exes... And not just twice or thrice. Try seven times!

The lady this kept happening to says “…I've been the girlfriend before the girlfriend who becomes the wife… It's like I'm prepping guys for marriage to someone else… I put in lots of hard work, and then someone else steps in right before the money shot...I mean, the wedding scene. Ha.”

The question is: What could this girl be doing to have driven seven men into the arms of other women? Is she only good enough for getting the men she dates ready for marriage … but sadly not ready enough to marry her?

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Much as I don’t like buying into the idea that some people are not marriage material, I tend to think maybe some people just ooze the vibe that they are not ready for marriage. Or maybe, just maybe, she should consider herself lucky to have been spared the agony of being married to someone who wasn’t right for her.

Why do you think this keeps happening to her? Lets hope she finally lands the money shot.

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  1.   Bellara says:
    Posted: 09 Jan 11

    The next girl got the ring b/c maybe you gave your all to him too soon. Some women give up everything for a man just to secure him as their own. They give up friends, families, loved ones, maybe job and other aspects of their lives...but you hardly see a man do such. I've heard, seen and learned that men like women who are gentle in personality but strong in character. When you bend over for a man to do as he please so he'll marry you or so you'll be known as the "virtuous" woman, he'll simply use you as a lab rat to determine what he wants and doesn't want in a woman!

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  2.   Hutch says:
    Posted: 07 Jan 11

    Normally when you date someone you find all of the flaws and bad traits. We all have them men and women. You have to find a level that you can deal with. Maybe her numbers are just way too high. If a man doesn't know what he wants. It's easy to know what you don't want.

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  3.   tont says:
    Posted: 01 Jan 11

    Just because someone married the next person doesnt mean you were not good enough. some of those marriages end up not lasting because the men start missing the strong woman they were running away from. Its easy for them to move own coz you are still single and winning about the breakup. As soon as you find you own strong man, they will try and come back for you, even if they are married. Grass may look greener on the other side, but its still has to be mowed.

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  4.   Edna says:
    Posted: 27 Dec 10

    @ Kissime Thanks sister .:-)

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    • kissime says:
      Posted: 28 Dec 10

      You're very welcome, Edna. You wrote the truth :)

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  5.   kissime says:
    Posted: 27 Dec 10

    Edna, I understand & agree with your perception. Not everything is black & white...yet everything falls into place on it's own time.

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  6.   Edna says:
    Posted: 25 Dec 10

    I have seeing a lot of couples who are deeply in love, still the relationship never lead to marriage. They will make a sincere promise not to leave each other, yet on a very good or bad day they will still break up. A stranger is a stranger. And an owner is an owner. No matter how much entertainment we will entertain a stranger, he/she will still stand up and go to his/her own house. Unfortunately for her she is the last stranger for her exs to meet befor their life partner arrives in their life. And soon or later she her self will meet her own life partner, and get married too.

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  7.   himone says:
    Posted: 24 Dec 10

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