Why don't interracial couples of color cause much of a stir?

Posted by Ria, 31 Aug

colored interracial couple Most of the discussions on interracial couples we hear or read about often focus on interracial pairings between white people and someone of color. Look at the heated discussions people have on interracial relations within the Black or Asian communities for example. They are always about members of these communities and their white partners. But looking at the reality on the ground, a considerable number of interracial pairings are between two ethnic minorities – between two people of color.

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So why don’t such couples cause much of a stir within the media and internet? Why is it that when talking about challenges interracial couples face or stereotypes among interracial couples, those that include white partner are the ones that get to the limelight? Does this mean that interracial couples of color are immune to the racism that is?

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  1.   Deenea says:
    Posted: 22 Sep 11

    I am an older lady and was married to the love of my life for 10 years, he passed away and I miss him. I have alway been attracted to Caucasian men but when I was younger it was not acceptable within the family. I feel that you should marry whomever you fall in love with because love does not come in a color. A lot of older people was raised with you should not become involved with or fall in love with people outside of your race. But please know that this is a man-made law not a god given law. I am sure that God is not going to ask about who you fell in love with The peoplle that get upset about inter-racial relationships and call themselves a Christian need to understand that God commands us to love everyone as we love ourselves. I am looking now for another wonderful love and am still attracted to Caucasian men. Good luck everyone and remember love does not come in a color but in our hearts.

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  2.   honestand40 says:
    Posted: 04 Sep 11

    i feel we should be able to dated who we want and the color should not matter . evening those some people get upset about it is what it is and we all should respect what makes that person happy . amen

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